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    AES case (blank/spare)

    Don't care which style. Just looking for something to put my NEOSD in.
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    AES Monitor Attachment (psone-like)

    This was kinda what I was thinking. the red rectangle is the screen folded down. (dimensions are obviously off) Below would be the screen up:
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    AES Monitor Attachment (psone-like)

    So I've been kinda bored lately and have thought of a new project. I'm thinking of building a monitor add-on for an AES. Similar to the psone flip monitor. Here's what I'm thinking: Get old lcd from a monitor Get corresponding lcd driver board RGB to VGA board VGA out with LDVS ribbon 3D...
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    After running across this listing on eBay, I was throughley confused at what I was looking at. (THIS IS NOT MY LISTING) Whole I'm sure many of you have heard of this cabinet, after years of being in...
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    Neo turf masters MVS

    Like it says.
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    WTB: FM Towns Marty Games/Accessories

    Just like the title says. Recently bought a "broken" system that wouldn't turn on. Replaced the power supply caps and it's as good as new. Really need to test the disk drive as well. Replaced the drive belt and I don't know if it's working. Edit- if anyone is actually interested in this...
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    WTB Japanese 360

    Just like the title says
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    WTB: JVC X'eye or Sega CD

    Just like the title says. I'd prefer an X'eye but I need some robo aleste in my life so any Sega cd will work.
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    FS: MV-1C, Windjammers, MS2, MSX, Neo Turf Masters

    MV-1C $75 shipped Metal slug 2 w/shock: $50 shipped Metal Slug X $SOLD Windjammers (please don't make me sell this): SOLD Neo Turf Masters: $55 sold
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    Looking for CDZ work or without box. Simple as that.
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    Really just trying to put more money towards a cmvs since I have NOTHING to play my carts on. Note, I'm not a super fast shipper. If that's an issue, let me know. Sam Sho 3 $35 (SOLD) Sam Sho $10 KoF99 (mismatch kit) $40 Puzzle de Pon $40 (SOLD) World Heroes $10 Ninja Combat $25 Super...
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    Any beer enthusiasts on here??

    Absolutely! Love all types of beer. Not a snob, but I do enjoy a quality brew. Just had a St. Bernardus ABT 12 Quadruple a few days ago. Delicious. A lot going on.
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    NES Mod

    This shit is cooler than the other side of the pillow. Edit : doesn't seem to want to let me embed
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    Fucking shit up over here. Delete please mods
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    English label over JPN label?

    Was this common for aes? Edit: more pics
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Fixed for you
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    Awesome animation + kick ass song = masterpiece

    Had to post this in two places. Holy shit fellas. Watch and enjoy.