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  1. grendelrt

    Options for fast draining ram on 2F board, battery mod already in place

    Thats good to know! Would you replace the diodes and caps in that general area? Or are there some that could be across the board? I have a bunch of caps and resistors here, might have to order some diodes. I might put back the charging circuit and get a rechargeable 2032. Would replacing this...
  2. grendelrt

    Options for fast draining ram on 2F board, battery mod already in place

    I replaced my battery with a coin cell battery when I first got the board (2F). But it seems the board in power down state drains the battery super quick, usually in a couple weeks or so. I saw some boards have more drain than others. Was looking for advice on what to replace the coin cell with...
  3. grendelrt

    Windjammers 2 announced for switch

    Wonder if it's off an old dev build?
  4. grendelrt

    Avenue 3 Pad Registering multiple buttons

    Just got a Core Grafx II with an Avenue 3 pad included. When I hold down the II button and press left up or left down it also registers that I am pressing the Run button and pauses the game. Does the same thing on button I but on the right side of the dpad. Button III seems unaffected. Did some...
  5. grendelrt

    WTB: Pc Engine / Core Grafx

    Plenty of these threads about to pop up I think :glee: I am open to the system type, I would prefer a clean system (no yellowing on pc engine) with a power adapter included. I do not need a controller.
  6. grendelrt

    Battle Garegga and Dangun Feveron coming to PS4

    New series of Shmup re releases called, M2 ShotTriggers.
  7. grendelrt

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Do you remember the code to get into service menu, i know i have it somewhere , cant find it. I confirmed that H and V sync from VGA is tied together on my cable with a resistor (wouldnt this make it comp sync?). In the manual for the 2950 it has this, So looks like I am ok from that part ?
  8. grendelrt

    WTB: VGA to SCART with 3.5MM Audio

    Looking to buy a VGA to SCART cable that I can run from a pc to a PVM. Trying to find one with the 3.5MM stereo integrated for sound so I can attach to my SCART switch without any extra cable runs. I am not sure how sync is handled on this cable, combined maybe? I do have a LM sync stripper...
  9. grendelrt

    Disc Jam PS4 - Windjammers clone

    Looks pretty cool. Co Op could be a blast online. Oops there was a thread already,
  10. grendelrt

    Game Master: R-Type Animation Released

    Pretty cool new animation, loved seeing the enemies and the first stage animated! Dialog was pretty bad :O
  11. grendelrt

    Sega CD Model 2 battery change

    Figured I would post this on here in case anyone is looking. Saw another thread on the forum that was really old asking. My battery died in the sega cd so I could no longer save to the cd side backup ram. Pretty simple change. I removed the old battery and then soldered lines off the...
  12. grendelrt

    Chassis Inspection / Questions

    I bought a 2930 and 2931 for my Blast City and received them today. Had a couple questions and just looking for advice of what I should inspect on these. I might try to hook them up , not sure if I feel that brave yet :O First up, jsut want to confirm the part numbers are correct 2930...
  13. grendelrt

    CMVS RGB Video Stereo Question

    Gathering all my parts to build a CMVS off a MV-1C. I have already set the board up for stereo and was wondering what din output and cable people use? Since the aes and genesis use the headphone port as a stereo breakout. Is there a DIN i can use where I can pick up a pre made scart cable that...
  14. grendelrt

    Good ESR meter?

    Looking for an ESR meter, saw these cheaper ones on ebay and amazon. Anyone know anything about these or have any suggestions for a good meter that isnt super expensive...
  15. grendelrt

    Wtb: PC Engine Akumajou Dracula X

    Been trying to get one of these on eBay and the price has gone nuts. Looking for pre nutso price of 125 in good shape.
  16. grendelrt

    Made some candy stools

    Been looking for some stools for my candy cab for a while, I have just been using chairs which work fine. I found these little stools at Ollie's for 5 bucks each (multiple colors) and decided to make cushions for them. First I had to cut some wood to make a bottom and then some 2 Inch foam...
  17. grendelrt

    SMD removal , carnage beneath, options?

    I am doing a cap replacement on my Turbo Duo and when I removed this SMD it was pretty bad underneath. I tried cleaning with isopropyl but it didnt do much. What are my options here? I have done much with SMDs, can i just scrape off where the pad was and solder to copper underneath?
  18. grendelrt

    Desoldering gun

    Looking to pick up a desoldering gun and was wondering if anyone had any experience with this one, The reviews seem great on it. I was going to do a...
  19. grendelrt

    Raspberry Pi 2 Multi emulation ( Gert's VGA + Cabinet) Update!

    So a couple months ago Raspberry Pi 2 came out which has more oomph and is better for emulation. I was thinking of building a small emulation machine using one plus a JPac to use in my Blast City. Mainly to play some older console stuff and one off boards, like In the Hunt so i don't have to...