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  1. Moon Jump

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    I see your Legacy Megazord and raise you this...
  2. Moon Jump

    Cap Kits n' Stuff

    Hey folks. If your in the Unrelated section you'll see I've been asking about Krikzz's Everdrive carts for some older systems I've got. Since I want to pretty much bulletproof all the old systems I've got so they'll last longer I was wondering if it's much of a necessity to get get cap kits...
  3. Moon Jump

    Some Everdrive Questions

    Hey folks, long time no post. I was seeing if I could get some advice from the folks on here about some of the other Everdrives that Kirkzz has on his site. Last year I got in on his Black Friday sale and got the NES and SNES ones and really enjoy them. Yeah, not all of the games play 100% but...
  4. Moon Jump

    Galloping Ghost T-20 Arcade Tournament May 28th-June 1st Putting this one out there for any folks in Chi-Town that might be interested. Since FunSpot's under construction with a new indoor mini golf course they won't be hosting their annual classic arcade gaming tournament this year. So Doc over at...
  5. Moon Jump

    How long will this amiibo craze last?

    Welp, I got my Shulk. Even though they packed it in a huge box with those big plastic air bubble things the thing still looked like somebody sat on it. The figure is fine, but if this thing would have went to some re-seller I know they'd be on the phone with customer service complaining the item...
  6. Moon Jump

    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future Appreciation Thread

    Ya' goddamn better believe it! My brother and I used to play the hell out of the tapes. I don't think we ever made it through the third one. We had Captain Power's and his ship, the bad guy's ship and the one that looked like a gun turret. Was three all the tapes they made? I don't think I ever...
  7. Moon Jump

    Nintendo Direct, Wed. morning 9am ET/The new New 3DS/3DS XL release dates leaked?

    I DON'T NEED IT.... Ugg. Damn it. I'm not pulling the trigger only because I've got shit from Christmas I haven't gotten too yet. Still can't believe their releasing it near Valentine's Day and not for Christmas. I guess they didn't want to cause too much confusion with three models of the...
  8. Moon Jump

    offical wwe thread

    New Legends of Wrestlemania LE from Stern Pinball. Not sure who's going to be on the other side of the machine. I love the mix but their missing Hitman, Warrior and Savage.
  9. Moon Jump

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    And Wrestlemania is the next game from Stern. Once again same cab, no new DMD. John Trudeau is the designer on the game. A poster on Facebook said he had more time to work on this unlike Mustang. Considering he made Judge Dredd and TX-Sector then I hope it'll turn out better then Mustang.
  10. Moon Jump

    offical wwe thread

    No. I'm not posting in the wrong thread. Stern Pinball just announced tonight at CES in Las Vegas their next game will be Wrestlemania. Having Roman Reigns on the trasnlite makes him look really, really strong!
  11. Moon Jump

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Got to play it two nights in a row. It's still on "Pre-Alpha" code. Which means no features and modes, but they've got a ton of music and clips from the movie. Can't wait to see when it finally shapes up. I made an account on Vimeo just in case Blip and YouTube take the video down for copyright...
  12. Moon Jump

    Krikzz website down, Retrogate down, Stone Age Gamer Flash carts removed from main page

    Woop! Woop! Got em' in the mail today! I'm not bothering with the NES one since my replacement 72-pin connector's been giving me the death grip and I don't want to fuck up a 100 dollar cart. So I'll just wait for the BLW to come in and then I'll go down that route. It does suck that I can't play...
  13. Moon Jump

    Ralph H. Baer Passes Away at 92

    The guys from ACAM up in FunSpot just posted a few photos of them with Ralph. This one above was taken just a few months ago in September. The guy on the left Mike is holding a prototype game that Ralph made and almost totally forgot about it. It's called "Video Toss". Basically he rigged this...
  14. Moon Jump

    Ralph H. Baer Passes Away at 92 End of an era today. Ralph Baer passed away today in his home up in New Hampshire at 92. I'm glad I got to meet the man himself and have a chance to talk with him as well as getting his book that has a ton of...
  15. Moon Jump

    Blinking Light Win: Fixing your toaster NES for good

    Just something I whipped up in MS Paint in five minutes. Congrats on getting the funding Quan! Can't wait to swap out my shitty replacement connector with the BLW!
  16. Moon Jump

    Street Fighter V PC and PS4 Exclusive

    This was just posted a few minutes ago. Looks like that "Hadoken Cabs" trailer was a hint. I find it odd that they won't release the game in Japanese arcades after half of the trailer shows people playing different Street Fighter games in the arcade. I'm not keen that they used the art from four...
  17. Moon Jump

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Android Krang and Shredder are coming in the new collection lines. I never knew they made a smaller version of it until I saw it in a display case at the New York Comic Con. I just remember it took forever for that one to come out. After the third movie I was pretty much done with TMNT and went...
  18. Moon Jump

    2014 Halloween Horror Movie Season

    I always like to curl up with a time honored classic. Thank god for the DVD. I used to rent it every October and then for some reason the video store we went to stopped carrying it.