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  1. beh3moth

    Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning
  2. beh3moth

    Hitman Absolution announcement and trailer. 'proud' :mr_t:
  3. beh3moth

    Electric Six appreciation thread.

    Over the last decade E6 has grown to become one of my favorite bands. Whose music is an awesome backdrop to any party/gaming/drinking session, sadly most of my friends don't share my opinion and have banned me from being the DJ. Who else agrees that E6 are AMAZING? Oh and here is a NSFW link...
  4. beh3moth

    Simulated scanlines on LCD/LED displays.

    I'm thinking of consolizing my MVS board, its sitting in a drawer unused and unloved right now. However, I would like to simulate scanlines somehow because standard RGB looks like crap though an LCD display. Anyone know of a device that enables this?
  5. beh3moth

    Youtube auto-captioning disasters!

    Open a video (might not work in an embedded window). Click the red ’CC’ just next to the screen resolution setting and hit ‘Transcribe audio’. Laugh at the results! Here is a sample in which Gordon Ramsay admits to 'Working his butt off in a prison kitchen for 3 years'. 3v5jF1-H3EU :snack:
  6. beh3moth

    Show us your desk!

    At home or at work, are you messsy, balanced or completely OCD? Here is blurry shot of my work desk!
  7. beh3moth

    Tester for the day auction!?

    EA are auctioning off a 'Tester for the day' experience for the british charity 'comic relief'.
  8. beh3moth

    Cleanup the 'popcorn' smiley.

    It's a great smiley, but it needs a little tidying up around the edges. Minor I know, but noticable! :) :snack:
  9. beh3moth

    When was your golden age of arcades?

    Most modern day arcades suck ass, pure and simple. They are filled with dancing games and other useless novelty crap. I miss the golden days of arcades which for me was the mid-late 80's where I have fond memories; such as seeing a new cab wheeled into the arcade in the morning, later that day...
  10. beh3moth

    Animal crossing 3DS

    So, will anyone admit to looking forward to this game? I shall put my neck out and say that I am. :snack:
  11. beh3moth

    Wanted: Sanwa 8 way restrictor plates

    Need to modify my 'virtua stick high grades' for some super streetfighter-ing! Will buy 1 or 2.
  12. beh3moth

    FS: MVS Kits/Cart/MOBO w/shockboxes

    Selling the following: KOF 2003 MVS Kit - with mint condition art set (matching serials) and shock box. - The cardboard box has some creases on the top and side. Magician Lord Japanese MVS cart...
  13. beh3moth

    FS? my Byrdo Custom Stick

    Times are tough :crying: and I might have to sell this: Works with standard Neo/SG setup plus PS1/PS2 and DC Not a scratch or mark on it. Hi spec sanwa buttons and sanwa stick with 8 way restrictor plate - for sweet fireball action! Gimme an offer and I might...
  14. beh3moth

    FS: US Smash Bros Brawl

    I am selling a mint condition USA Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii Will ship anywhere Offers?
  15. beh3moth

    FS: Great condition Egret 2 in the UK!

    Taking offers... I live in London SW18 collection only. I will chuck in two stools and a good quality stepdown. Pics on request.
  16. beh3moth

    Arcade graveyard..........

    WHY? :oh_no: I see some candy cabs in there too :(
  17. beh3moth

    Got back into FFWA again.

    Popped it back in the cab for a while, I forgot how great this game is.. :) Did anyone ever figure out how to unlock the 2 hidden characters?
  18. beh3moth

    Lets see your Forza 2 creations!

    Ok, I thought that this would be best placed in the creative forum.. And I couldn't see any other Forza car design thread. :mr_t: Here is my first attempt!
  19. beh3moth

    Hyper NeoGeo64 Rev2 + Games

    Its time for a little spring clean, I am selling my mint condition HNG64 Rev 2 mobo (fully boxed with all docs) and the folloiwing games: Buriki ONE, Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage and Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition. All games are also mint fully boxed with full unused art sets and docs...
  20. beh3moth

    Cave/Raizing PCBs for sale!

    SOLD OUT! SOLD :mr_t: