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    Debris Infinity released on Nintendo Switch

    My game Debris Infinity have been just released on the American eShop for $4.99 (Europe and Australia will follow later, September 25th) If you liked Geometry Wars you should enjoy this one. Here's a trailer: I'm not asking you to buy it, just general impresions. And if you do buy it, your...
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    Debris Infinity on Sale on Steam

    A while ago I published a game in Steam and now it have a 20% discount (3.99 USD) If you check it out and you like it the feedback will be appreciated :) Link to the Steam page:
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    Sonic Forces will let you create your original do not steal character Prepare for the storm. It's coming.
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    Shitty RetroPie Cases

    I have mine inside a cardboard box with magnetic close, similar to this one but in white: Y screwed the Pi to the bottom of the box, off-centered to the top-right and cut a slit in the back of the box for HDMI and Power connectors. I taped an xbox360 wireless usb adapter to the left side...
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    Nintendo NX for March 2017. Zelda delayed. No NX at e3. WTF Seriously, wtf... I could understand the march 17 launch date, but not showing anything at e3??? Focusing on Zelda (a game promised for 2015, then 2016, now 2017)? This is beyond dissapointing. I completely baffled
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    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    Actually is more in line with Art of Fighting 3
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    A few months back in NY with my family
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    Should I sell my brand new KD VII Elite Limited?

    I just came back from NY (I live in Spain) and as a souvenir I bought this a pair of Nike DK VII Elite Limited at 220$ I'm looking at eBay and they're reaching 300-350$... Since it's a limited edition should I just use them or should I wait and re-sell them?
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    Nintendo working in next console. Codename NX

    So says Iwata... how this will affect WiiU?
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    Age of Ultron trailer

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    Robin Williams found dead at Age 63 That was unexpected... Suicide as possible cause
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    Noche de Juegos

    Buenas a todos. Ahora que están tan de moda los let's play y demás, y aprovechando que mis amigos y yo ya jugamos a la consola generalmente antes de salir de fiesta (y con una cantidad de alcohol encima por determinar) decidimos grabarnos y bueno... a ver que os parece. No espero alcanzar la...
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    Primal Rage 2 arcade cabinet built. Only 2 in existence

    The game looks like shit but it's an interesting piece of hardware. Atari tried to come up with their own Killer Instinct game with PR2, altough the classic dinosaurs appear in some special moves.
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    Bob Hoskins dies at age 71

    Pneumonia. RIP
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    Harold Ramis dies at age 69,0,2259309.story Just YESTERDAY I was watching Ghostbusters... creepy
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    Alien: Isolation

    So pretty much this gameplay video is what an Alien game should be Qbv9rs9bVOE The question is... Colonial Marines also looked spectacular in trailers... will Sega, being Sega, learn from their mistakes?
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    Nintendo 2DS .... WTF

    No. Really. Wtf?