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    WTB: MVS-4-25 (ver. 1) Marquee (Original or Repro) Washington DC

    As the title says, I'm looking for a MVS-4-25 (ver. 1) marquee. Red with four spots for the mini-marquees. Shipped to DC or pick up in person. Also, not sure if they had that plastic that holds the mini-marquees, but I've seen them on the ver. 3 system and I'd like that too.
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    Help me restore a 4 slot!

    EDIT: Updated info below. OK, so I got a 4 slot cab that has been changed into a 1 slot. All the wires were still in place, so I just bought a 4 slot and want to put it in. First thing I did was rip the 4 slot's battery out, as was suggested on this forum. I didn't have a way to de-solder...
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    Hello from GA

    Hi, I'm an arcade machine collector and have been trying to get all the machines I use to play as a teenager. I finally scored a MVS system in pretty good condition and am now in the process of restoring it to a 4 slot (it's a one slot with MS X) and putting in the 4 games I had at my local...