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    What's your experience with Walmart 3rd party sellers?

    I honestly don't buy anything through Walmart or the Sears website because of the horrible 3rd party sellers with little to no oversight. Been strung along then had to spend like an hour on hold every time with Walmart to force them to give me my money back.
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    Xbox 360 JTAG and RGH mod -The Thread-

    Also see in those notes that I say something like "Crappy HD" or "fake HD" on a bunch of them – meaning although they upscaled it from its 240p source, they did a REALLY bad job IMO... those are STILL going to look like crap no matter what CRT or flatscreen you use. Converting to 240p might help...
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    Xbox 360 JTAG and RGH mod -The Thread-

    Here you go. It might not make 100% sense to you (I literally don't know what a few of my notes mean lol - it's been a while), and some of the notes are just my opinion on what I like and don't like, but should help a little...
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    Xbox 360 JTAG and RGH mod -The Thread-

    I love mine, and bought it specifically for all the ports of Shmups which wouldn't run right on my low powered emulation machines (like Raspberry Pi). I could run most all of those on my MAME computer, but it's also WAY more of a pain to run MAME than it is to press the power button on the Xbox...
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    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    Lots of people said that piracy saves the day... but you might not have tried to grab some of these games recently - especially for Vita/PSP. Two weeks ago I booted up my Henkaku/jailbroken Vita for the first time in a while and it was bricked. I had to grab all the games again... without NPS...
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    Control Extron Crosspoint switcher with a Touchscreen! (iPad, Android, etc.)

    For almost two years now I've been trying to figure out a way to control my Extron Crosspoint matrix switcher through a touchscreen device of some type. It's not that it's hard to load a preset or anything (which is simply pressing "Preset + Preset Number + Enter" on the control panel buttons)...
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    WTB: Xbox 360 *SLIM* - modded with RGH?

    Looking for a NTSC Xbox 360 Slim (NOT the Slim "E" model as I want to use VGA cables on this) in good cosmetic condition (don't need modded LED's and other flashy stuff), modded with RGH? (other mod methods are fine too -please school me as I'm still learning about these!) so I can play some...
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    WTB: BeharBros GARO

    BeharBros said it'll be a bit before they make the next batch of GARO's. If anybody has one they're not using and wouldn't mind getting rid of, please send me a PM. Thanks.
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    WTB: Sega Saturn & controllers + controllers for TG16/PCEng

    Thought I would try here before going to eBay. Looking for a Sega Saturn, USA Model/Version 1 (the one with oval buttons), in good cosmetic shape to add to my collection. Also looking for a couple Saturn controllers, the 2nd (smaller) version of them. Japan import controllers are fine as well...
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    WTB: Minty Sega Genesis Model 1 "High Definition Graphics" version

    **SOURCED**I'm looking for a very good condition Sega Genesis Model 1. I've missed the last couple ones on eBay I've been watching - if you have one in very good shape please let me know. I'm located in the United States. I don't care if it has TMSS or not - don't need any A/V cables either...
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    Shinybow SB-2840 SCART to Component doesn't work on Extron Crosspoint?

    I'm using a Shinybow SB-2840 RGB SCART to Component converter so I can display my RGB SCART systems on my consumer TV with component inputs. It works fine when I directly plug in the SCART cable from my RGBNES, SNES, Sega Genesis, PS1, and PS2 and run it to my Sony 20FV300 CRT TV. But when I...
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    What arcade stick do you own?

    First arcade sticks I've ever owned. Both Mad Catz. One is a Street Fighter X Tekken Fightstick Pro, the other is a SFIV Tournament Edition - both for PS3. The original owner did SFIV competitions all over the place and before he sold them he put brand new parts in: joysticks are Sanwa JLF, and...
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    How to setup 2x4 button USB arcade stick for Neo Geo games?

    Does anyone use RetroArch for emulation? How do you setup your controller to work for Neo Geo 4-button (A B C D) games, games like Capcom's two rows of 3x buttons, and standard 1-3 button games? I'm having a hell of a time setting up the controller configs for my new Mad Catz arcade fightsticks...
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    Universal AV Android app: Remotely control Extron Crosspoint

    Around 2013 to 2014 there was an Android App called "Universal AV" which could remotely control your Extron Crosspoint Ultra from your touchscreen Android Tablet. It was made by a company called "Universal Applications". In February 2014 he pulled it from the Google Play Store. Did anybody ever...