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  1. capnd77

    WTB Mag Lord Japanese Manual

    Looking for the instructions manual to complete my copy...
  2. capnd77

    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

  3. capnd77

    WTB KOF 2002 MVS

    Looking for cart only... Thanks
  4. capnd77

    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

  5. capnd77

    WTB: Nightmare in the Dark and 8man for MVS

    Like the title says, I'm looking for both games but I'm not necessarily concerned with Label or cart condition as long as the boards are authentic.
  6. capnd77 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Definitely neat to see the serial number 1 but damn.. over 1000 bucks..
  7. capnd77

    Gunlord coming to the Switch

    Cool, looks like there will be a physical release...
  8. capnd77

    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

    Get a bigger desk? Shit, might be able to put a couple cabs on this sucker...
  9. capnd77

    The Neo Geo mini is coming...

    I wish SNK would have went with something like this! These are 4 foot mini cabs and they cost 400 bucks...
  10. capnd77

    China doing consolized MVS

    There's an ultimate edition! Better look out JNX!!
  11. capnd77

    WTB - Rage Dragons, Mutation Nation, Robo Army MVS

    I'm looking to pick up any of these 3... Rage of the Dragons Mutation Nation Robo Army I only have the budget for one of these 3, so if I find any of them at a fair price I'll close the post. The cart condition doesn't have to be a thing of perfection, gamer condition is fine. Thanks
  12. capnd77

    Any good Retrogaming Podcasts?

    I do quite a bit of driving at work so I'm always looking for some good retrogaming podcasts to listen to, any suggestions? Some current personal favorites at the moment are.. Back in my Play Retronauts Retro game squad Retro RGB Retro Warriors
  13. capnd77 Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Jump on it folks before it's too late!!
  14. capnd77

    AES RGB picture quality

    Just curious, how significant is the difference in RGB picture quality of a high serial console vs the consoles with the best RGB output?
  15. capnd77

    Best budget TV for OSSC low input lag?

    I'm about to purchase the OSSC this weekend and I'm looking for any suggestions on a budget HD display with minimal input lag. It doesn't have to be too large of a display maybe 40inchs or so.. Any suggestion are appreciated..