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  1. White Devil

    Made this for my friend as a Bday present

    Tekken Tag Tournament my friend is one of those guys who's always there for me so for his bday I took one of his favorite games and made a portable arcade cabinet. it's also technically the first game my daughter played. she discovered cause and effect with the buttons( as seen in pic). cute as...
  2. White Devil

    Need help with MKII sound issue.

    I've scoured the internet and read a ton about this so I know this stuff has been discussed. I may have glossed over the answer but I'm still clueless. So I'm making a new post with exactly what I'm experiencing and what I've done thus far. I'm still green to this stuff and get easily confused...
  3. White Devil

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got this locally on friday for $350, only problem is the sound board.
  4. White Devil

    I found a Commodore 128 and a ton of stuff in my rents basement.

    As the title says, I found a Commodore 128 in my parents basement with a ton of software as well as literature. And I have no idea what I’m doing. So as I begin jerking this old system off I figured I’d ask about people’s recommendations for “must haves.”
  5. White Devil

    JapanGameOnline MVS-AES Converter

    Anyone here use this? Looks like the cheapest converter I’ve ever seen and they’re well stocked.
  6. White Devil

    When you can’t fit numerous arcade machines in your home...

    1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game. This thing took a while to wire up. Needs some audio repair but otherwise it’s in great shape. Used a GBS-8220 for converting the video signal to VGA and that giant controller is custom made by me, my father helped cut and assemble the box and I put...
  7. White Devil

    WTB: Steel Battalion set

    Looking for the Steel Battalion set for original Xbox. The controller set with or without the disk & the Controllers don’t need to be pristine. If a more worn set will save me money that’s even better. I want it as a collector but primarily so I can play it and have fun.
  8. White Devil

    WTB: nec pc engine core grafx av Cable & Everdrive

    Just looking for an AV cable. And a used everdrive.
  9. White Devil

    Is it worth starting an Atari Jaguar Collection?

    So I’ve got this new “retro game store” by me now and I’ve been fixating on the Atari Jaguar. From what I can tell there’s less than 20 exclusives for the system so I could only go for the exclusive titles. But I’ve never played one. Anyone here super fucking amped about playing Jaguar? Is it...
  10. White Devil

    Double Dragon Cab Video Issue

    Tonight this problem started. The machine starts up, then the video gets choppy, then it cuts out. Here's a YouTube video link. Someone please advise. I'm in Lawrenceville NJ and I'll pay someone to come out and fix the issue. I tried a spare board that I've...
  11. White Devil

    offical wwe thread

    found this with some old things recently...
  12. White Devil

    Life without a cell phone...

    Went to upstate NY with family over Easter. No chance in hell you get a cell signal there. Not unless you wanna climb a mountain to text and get email. Never had more fun going away with people in my life. Actual quality time. No social media or emails. No internet or cable TV. We had a fire...
  13. White Devil

    Building a Multicade, would like some opinions

    So, last year i got a lot of really good advice from a lot of you. And since i currently have my Dad's workshop at my disposal (only about 20 feet from where i sleep) I've decided to build a cocktail multicade. Heres the 60-in-1 i'm going to get: -Anyone...
  14. White Devil

    I found my Tetris Game Watch and it still works!

    I found my Tetris Nintendo game watch at my parents house and it still works. Needed a new battery but to think that I got this 26 years ago and it's in such good shape it was really exciting Now I'm on a mission to get a Mario bros one, the Zelda one and Batman. Zelda ones seem so...
  15. White Devil

    WTB: Bayonetta Wii U

    Looking for the Wii U Bayonetta 1 & 2 (2disk) release. I'd prefer to stay away from cunt bay and Amazon.
  16. White Devil

    Any Lynx gamers here?

    I love Dracula man. Good shit.
  17. White Devil

    Is This Impulse Buy Stupid?

    I don't know if I paid too much but I paid $42 for everything in this pic. That includes shipping.
  18. White Devil

    Is This Impulse Buy Stupid?

    So I sprung for a PS1 slim with a screen attached to it. Comes with mobile power cord and two dual shocks. Literally all relevant hardware. I'm thinking it'll be something I can do on my break at work or whatever since I have my own office because my boss is awesome. Nonetheless I have a Vita...
  19. White Devil

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    I'm masturbating in this pic, that's why my wife is smiling. She doesn't see the police officer approaching.
  20. White Devil

    NGPC LED Frontlight. There a Demand?

    I was asking someone at about making an LED Frontlight for the NGPC. Since he makes backlights for gameboy and front lights for the GBC etc... He said he could but is unsure of the demand. So I figured I'd post this here and see what people thought. So what do...