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  1. Liq_Wurm

    Sell me an NES Classic Edition only cuz I can't get one.

    I don't really know why I want one. Maybe because I cannot find one for a resonable price. And maybe because they're not making them anymore. But if your willing to let one go or know a guy, shoot me an offer. Also if anyone's looking to trade I have numerous titles, systems, arcade stuff...
  2. Liq_Wurm

    To buy or not to buy: joust sitdown cocktail

    Sup! i have an opportunity to get a joust sit-down cocktail that is in awesome shape for $800 a little on the rich side in terms of pricing however the monitor is very sharp, inside very clean. artwork and top glass is in really nice shape so no restoration required. What do you think. would...
  3. Liq_Wurm

    remove please

  4. Liq_Wurm

    your HIGHEST MVS cart Serial

    Some people get a little bent out of shape when it comes to collecting low serial numbered carts. Sooo whats the highest serial number cart you own? my samurai showdown clocks in at about 64583 :conf:
  5. Liq_Wurm

    Calgary Pinball & Arcade Show

    September 15 & 16th at the Acadia Rec Center. $5 a head and everything's on freeplay I'm definitly going. Youtube video of last years show
  6. Liq_Wurm

    Nintendo Red Tent available in Edmonton.

    Just too cool, had to post it. not my sale pretty nice condition too... Farm fresh. What would you pay for this Relic? 540$ too...
  7. Liq_Wurm

    Big Blue Club - Get Some!

    After drooling over the Big Red Club's photos I thought, hey there's no reason us Big Blue owners can't have our very own club. Hadouken! can you believe this conversion previous owner had done.:rolleyes:
  8. Liq_Wurm

    Ultimate ABS candy cab cleaning solution!?

    Just saw a link to this, pretty wicked sweet. get that yellow smoke stain out.
  9. Liq_Wurm

    $50 hyper neo 64

    I should probably pick this up... after all the price is right. up for grabs
  10. Liq_Wurm

    Justice - the legend of teh gnarl w/youtube links

    Ok so a buddy of mine recommend I check out these new electronic artist duo "Justice" boy was i in for a treat. these guys sound absolutely amazing, think Daft Punk with funkier beats, mad cuts at every moment a la Aphex Twin with this gnarley edge prevalent through out the entirety of their...
  11. Liq_Wurm

    Computer Space cab on ebay

    not my listing, felt it needed a post tho. First ever Arcade ever, Ebay worth 9g's u decide :)
  12. Liq_Wurm

    Gremlin/SEGA Cocktail

    I am super stoked on this one, minor damage and a nice bright monitor to boot (13"). A tough find here in Calgary. 1981...
  13. Liq_Wurm

    Awwww Jeeeaaa check out dis sweet conversion!

    found this pic online and had to post.
  14. Liq_Wurm

    OK Touch Conversion?

    Here in Calgary, AB I've yet to see a candy cab anywhere, so when I ran across this ad out of Brooks Alberta, I got a bit excited to say the least. Question for the candy cab enthusiasts. I am trying to determine weather something like this would be worth converting, of course i'd definitely...
  15. Liq_Wurm

    Cry4Help: Dreamcast to Jamma Adaptor-memory card cable.

    I bid on a bad ebay auction and now I own a Jamma->DC board missing the fabled memory card cable. Anyone have an extra? i'd gladly pay $20 Thanks again.
  16. Liq_Wurm

    KMFDM - Megalomaniac

    This is counter culture from the underground Eternal revolution this is our sound KMFDM better than the best Megalomanical and harder than the rest! This video is classic, probably been about 10 years since I've seen it, so i just had to post it! Linky Any other wickid sweet KMFDM vids? feel...
  17. Liq_Wurm

    MV1FZ w/ghostlop

    I can't believe only me and 1 other guy was bidding on this! and i got sniped no less :( Damnit!
  18. Liq_Wurm

    Wickid sweet lime green MVS

    damn that looks nutty! i want
  19. Liq_Wurm

    Stupid Shipping Woes

    Hey guys, i just wanted some outsiders advice on a shipment. not related anyway to any members on this forum. i'm just trying to get an idea for what i should do. So i bought this pro audio snake from some company on ebay. it's like 33 lbs. anyway I had paid him $36 to ship it to me in canada...
  20. Liq_Wurm


    Super Street Fighter IIX: Grand Master Challenge ('94) vs. Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition ('04) Alright heres a q for the arcade gurus. I am pretty much set to buy Grand Master Challenge when i see it go for a good price. and then i noticed this Japan only anniversary...