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  1. Westcb

    Avenue 3 Pad Registering multiple buttons

    Can you get one of these and just affix the original end to it with the notch? Might require some shrink tubing with it to make it look cleaner though...
  2. Westcb

    WTB: super grafx, core grafx, pcengine console

    Sold my turbo and now with the new neosd solution I need one again. Always wanted a nice super grafx but I’m good with anything, as long as it’s great shape and will work. Preferably would like AC and a controller with it. If you only like trades I’m sure I can find something you might like just...
  3. Westcb

    FS: Jamma Boards

    Prices do not include shipping, but sent priority with tacking and insurance seems to run about 15 bucks to most of USA. Prefer not to do international since I can't usually get down to the post office to get a quote. Can send any pics requested and all boards will be tested again before...
  4. Westcb

    RAFFLE for a FREE NEOGEO MVS game pick from list

    Inspired by sparksterz I'm giving away a NEO GEO MVS game. I will pay the shipping to send it anywhere in the USA if you are outside the USA and you want to pay for and figure out the shipping then go for it but the post office likes to rape people so no crying if it costs more then the games...
  5. Westcb

    WTB: Andro Dunos and World Heroes Perfect MVS

    Looking for both these carts, any condition is fine as long as they work. Let me know if you got one you would part with. Thanks Edit: Found a andro dunos on eBay so just looking for world heroes perfect.
  6. Westcb

    Neo Geo Art For Sale - Side Art + More

    That's what I did too, my stickers were all peeled up and rusted over. Jasen did these for me but I don't think he does the art any longer, should be really easy to reproduce those maybe super sprint can use these pics as reference.
  7. Westcb


    Here's some from 2014, most of these are all gone now. About two years before these I had a nice collection of all wood cabs. I'm not sure if the pics are saved anywhere though.
  8. Westcb

    FS: Final Fight PCB, 100% working $149 OBO

    #just facts There was lots of discussion on this as it reached over 200 on Klov, when months before it was a 100-120 dollar game. Sure you can find examples on the last couple months on auction style listings where they went cheaper, but there was certainly people paying it and as you see just...
  9. Westcb

    New MVS Arcade Owner Here

    The part you need is two coin mechs, that is what the part you need is called; not a full coin door assembly, so get on any arcade part site and order two coin mechs. Not sure how you don't understand.
  10. Westcb

    WTB: SNES mini with RGB mod

    I got one premodded from PASKY, Runs great and I got a ikegami monitor right after and looks phenomenal. I tried taking pics with my phone and it looked awful everytime though so I just have a pic of the board he designed inside it :-/
  11. Westcb

    What Is The Best Way To Store PCBS.

    I finally got around to using Uline on the rest of my pcbs. The ones I been using since mike did the group buy have held up great so bought some more to finish the rest off.
  12. Westcb

    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    Everyone knows the greatness now, say hello to a 300 dollar shipped game.
  13. Westcb

    Westcb's Stuff for Trade

    Ok going through stuff that I have lying around I don't use much, don't need etc. Neo carts: All boards are original except puzzle bobble* Arcade boards: Primal Rage Magic Sword ***TRADED TO PASKY Guerilla war (rotary) Time soldiers (rotary) Gondomania (rotary) P.O.W Aero fighters Two Crude...
  14. Westcb

    IC: JNX Spitfire aka Lazyfinger for Cabs

    I'll also add this thing is straight cheating, I just walked all over contra, look at the regular shot the bullets look like laser shots haha. I love this thing!
  15. Westcb

    IC: JNX Spitfire aka Lazyfinger for Cabs

    Played with it today, it's a godsend on 1943, parodius etc... I played with tweaking the pots a little and the halfway point seemed to work the best for me, turning it all the way up or down did not give me the desired affect as I would say it probably shouldn't. I'm going to run it on a few...
  16. Westcb

    WTB: Candy cab somewhere in the midwest

    Haha yeah the worst, especially those shoddy panels I picked up from this guy I use to bang in Kansas when I was in town. I'll be there this week too, move back already dummy.
  17. Westcb

    WTB: Candy cab somewhere in the midwest

    I'm considering dropping a cab or two... Need pinball money. Mine are all in great shape, do you have stacks of cash? Also looking for amaze balls PVM/BVM etc... Hit me up :-)
  18. Westcb

    DIY arcade "cabinet" - Dumb idea?

    This... I can grab this local for 200, you can sell the board for that and have a full cab Fully works, needs a cap kit and your all set.