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  1. PopeCuervoLime

    Girl Builds Own Nin[j]a Turtle Van Dodge Caravan. May as well.
  2. PopeCuervoLime

    Tetris Wipes Out Bad Memories (or so the scientists say...) wtf? Of all the games out there they landed on this one?
  3. PopeCuervoLime

    Holy shit! F-18 crashes into San Diego suburb. Wow. F-18 spins out and crashes into occupied housing. Three dead and the pilot is okay. Any SD members have more insight into what happened? I bet that pilot feels like shit - mechanical failure or not.
  4. PopeCuervoLime

    Michael Crichton dies of Cancer at Age 66 Awww, man... RIP, dude. Sphere was the greatest novel ever!
  5. PopeCuervoLime

    Ecnomic Bailout Fails; Stocks Drop - So what's next?

    Surprised no one's posted this yet.
  6. PopeCuervoLime

    Download Red Alert 1 for free from EA

    Couple of days old. Don't know if anyone cared, but I guess EA is coming out with Red Alert 3 or already has (I don't know) and in honor of their 1Xth anniversary of the franchise they're letting people download Red Alert 1 iso's for free from the website...
  7. PopeCuervoLime

    Winged Cat found in China "..been known to exist since the 19th century..." Eh? Guess I'm late to that one cuz I never heard of it before. I thought shit like this only existed in anime. Go figure.
  8. PopeCuervoLime

    Happy Birthday Ki_Atsushi

    HBD broheme, see you tomorrow!
  9. PopeCuervoLime

    NJ Cops Bust Ninja Warriors ha ha ha fucking LOL.
  10. PopeCuervoLime

    Most Pathetic Obituary Ever?

    Dug this up from Drudge Report: Fake? Brutal honesty?
  11. PopeCuervoLime

    Happy Birthday Boriqua!!!

    Sup dude, happy birthday, have fun in D.C. or wherever you're at. You still going to law school?
  12. PopeCuervoLime

    From my hometown: Guy cuts up nephew for selling his video games with Samurai sword.

    Video games = serious business.
  13. PopeCuervoLime

    Happy BD LoneSage & InsaneClown!

    Have a good one. :buttrock:
  14. PopeCuervoLime

    Hillary Declaring Presidential Run?

    I didn't see this anywhere else in Unrelated. A quick once-over on her website and then back to Yahoo and one kind of sounds like she's for-real about it and the other one says its just an exploratory committee, or are they the same...
  15. PopeCuervoLime

    Iranian video game offers chance to blow up U.S. tanker

  16. PopeCuervoLime

    Happy Birthday Ki_Atsushi!!!

    Hey dude, Happy birthday, congrats on being a quarter of a century older! Now you get insurance discounts. Haven't always been there, I know this, but I hope you and a certain other person we kind of hang out with (her name starts with an "A") understand what I'm up against and what I have to...
  17. PopeCuervoLime

    Anyone bother with Fast & Furious 3?

    Went to go see it. It was alright, liked the cars; thanks to some Initial D viewing I actually had an inkling to go see it. Lucas Black (the little kid from Sling Blade) can't really act but it's okay -- were you epxecting him to? Or anyone else for that matter? I don't know why Bow Wow is...
  18. PopeCuervoLime

    Any good arcades in Reno, NV?

    Going to Reno in two weeks. The last time I was there was years ago and we only drove through it, so I'm not familiar with the city. Any casino/arcade with some good cabs there?
  19. PopeCuervoLime

    Thugaboo or: :kekeke:
  20. PopeCuervoLime

    Cindy Sheehan Considers Challenging Feinstein

    Link or... WTF? All that other shit wasn't enough, now you got to come to my state and fuck everything up here too?