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  1. Mushiki

    Apple's Magic Mouse

    Been using mine for a couple of days and I fucking love it. Still... the stock functionalities are somewhat limited -- fortunately, we have BetterTouchTool This app makes the Magic Mouse a much more versatile tool Before the Magic Mouse I had a Mighty Mouse... which was nice but seriously...
  2. Mushiki

    Happy Birthday, Nesagwa!

    Happy birthday Wayne! Have a great day! :D
  3. Mushiki

    Happy Bicycle Day!

    Happy Bicycle Day to everyone! Enjoy it the proper way! :)
  4. Mushiki

    Rebuild of Evangelion: 1.0 You are (not) alone

    I watched it last night. It's unbelievably good, cannot wait for "2.0 Division". Anyone else seen it?
  5. Mushiki

    The Speed Racer Movie

    I am a Speed Racer fan and I loved it :buttrock: Anyone else watched it? Opinions?
  6. Mushiki

    Doctor Shroom's posts make Firefox 3 crash

    I don't know why, but it happens... Probably has to do with the "ಠ_ಠ" thingies in his signature and location. ...
  7. Mushiki

    Fuck MagSafe

    A couple of days ago I noticed my MacBook's MagSafe power adaptor was somehow "failing" -- I had to plug/unplug it to my MacBook several times for it to actually "work". With time, this it started to get harder for it to work... so I was checking the MagSafe's cable last night, and found that...
  8. Mushiki

    Topless Wii!

    Absolutely NSFW :emb::drool::emb::drool::emb:
  9. Mushiki

    Kanji Translation Help -

    I'd love to know what this kanji -- -- is supposed to mean. Can anyone help? Please? Regards, -Mushi
  10. Mushiki

    Nintendo/Sega: EN-DE-MO-NIADOS!

    Vean este video, por el amor de DIOS! Cuantas estupideces puede decir alguien seguidas!? Esto es increible!
  11. Mushiki

    The PS3 is Unkillable?

    You can't keep a good PS3 down, at least according to some extreme play testing by PS3Vault. They started out with running a PS3 for 4 days in a van, gradually letting the temperature drop from 40 degrees to 0. Here were the results: Impressive. But electronics usually do great in cold...
  12. Mushiki

    Check if your X360 will Die in One Easy Step

    So there are two kinds of 360 on the market. There are the ones without the new heatsink. These have a tendency to...die horribly. And there are those with the new heatsink, which seem to work a lot better. Which one have you got? Ben Heck can help you, with his highly scientific methodology...
  13. Mushiki

    Blu-ray Players Dominate 5 to 1 Over HD DVD in US

    Source: Gizmodo -- I just wish for Highlander67 to show up and post something in the lines of "who cares? I mean.. if people cannot play the Liar's Dice mini-game, the Blu-ray format is fucking doomed!" :lolz:
  14. Mushiki

    The "Post your current Desktop" Thread ~

    Resized from 1280x800 Sorry for the huge file, didn't want to ruin the detail :emb:
  15. Mushiki

    The "New Year's Eve 2007 Pictures" Thread -

    Everyone takes pictures during new year's eve -- post yours! It's certain most of you people had supper with family/friends and/or attended to some kind of party so, share your pictures! I'll post my pictures later today... too many pictures, and all in 7.2Mpx, a lot of resizing has to be done...
  16. Mushiki

    The Post your current Desktop Thread -

    Haven't seen this kind of thread for a while, here I go - -- resized from 1280x800
  17. Mushiki

    PS3 costs broken down, described as "masterpiece" -

    PlayStation 3 Offers Supercomputer Performance at PC Pricing, iSuppli’s Teardown Analysis Reveals - November 16, 2006 From delivery delays, to technology hurdles, to missed production targets, to cancelled pre-orders, to an apparently exorbitant price tag—we’ve all read the bad news regarding...
  18. Mushiki

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance PS3 vs Wii screenshots -

    PlayStation3 version - Wii version - Interesting to see how multi-platform titles will look on the Wii. Too bad the PlayStation3 screenshots were down-sized though...
  19. Mushiki

    Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on works with PCs -

    -- Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on works with PCs For the price of $200 and some custom configuration, PC owners may be able to buy an inexpensive HD-DVD drive, writes UNEASYsilence. Microsoft's HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox 360 can apparently be installed to a PC with little effort. After connecting the...
  20. Mushiki

    Microsoft to produce its own chip designs -

    - Microsoft to produce its own chip designs Microsoft said today that it will take its first steps into chip design, reports the New York Times. The software developer announced that it will launch a new division within the company, initially named the Computer Architecture Group, to research...