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  1. bloodhokuto

    Anyone frame mini-marquees?

    Been thinking of this for a while now, if anyone knows of a decent-sized picture frame (like from Ikea) to mount mini-marquees in? Alternatively I have seen quite a few places selling these light box things - where you add in letters on several rows etc, and i thought about either re-purposing...
  2. bloodhokuto

    [FS] SNK LICENSED Training Jersey (*L) UK/IRE

    Hi Guys, Ordered this one size up expecting it to fit (usually a UK medium). - But it's a little large on me. Turns out the old adage about ordering one size up for shoes and T-Shirts definitely doesn't apply to training jerseys! Anyway, this fits me kinda, but is a touch too long in the...
  3. bloodhokuto

    WTB KOF '94 JPN AES Manual.

    Going throught my home carts and I can't find my '94 manual, maybe I didn't ever have one? Anyway, anyone hook me up for the manual for one of my fave games?
  4. bloodhokuto

    Name of CP connection plugs for U4 Loom

    Hi Guys, I want to wire up a new 1P loom to plug into the connector plug in the control panel of the U4, but can't find out what these plugs are called. Can someone clarify this?
  5. bloodhokuto

    One of the best adverts ever?

    I hate, hate adverts with a passion. However, there is always an exception to the rule right? I saw this loverley piece of work at the cinema when I saw a film recently. It was the most perfect ad that you could see at the cinema, maybe because of the sound system. Anyway, without further...
  6. bloodhokuto

    Enjoying the PCB's - which Supergun?

    Don't want to annoy you Tarma, but here's a pic I recently took of my Sigma running Bakraid, albeit through a TATE'd LED TV. *The picture flipped whilst uploading. I really rate owning a Supergun, don't have too many games, but it always seems better playing them through hardware rather than...
  7. bloodhokuto

    Animal crossing 3DS

    I really didn't like the 3DS at launch, so never bothered with it. That said, I'm a big fan of Animal Crossing, and they did bring out a cute looking Ltd edition ... so I caved in. I really like the large screen on this and am really enjoying the new AC game!
  8. bloodhokuto

    Possible bootleg cart being sold.

    I saw this being offered up for sale. I was reluctant to post the actual link, but thought on the balance that I should (I am happy to remove the link if required). I'm not really an expert, but thought people should take care...
  9. bloodhokuto

    A message from Capcom - on a PS1 disc.

    So after 1,000 years, I finally got around to instaling a PS emulator on my Mac, and also found a nice single terminal command that rips the discs into a ISO file with no bother. Anyway, I chucked in a copy of Capcom V SNK and look what I saw...
  10. bloodhokuto

    SLG SCART unit from ArcadeForge.

    Some of you may / may not be aware of ArcadeForge and the bits of kit that they make. Anywhoo, I picked up their SLG SCART unit, which simply adds scanlines within the SCART feed to your LCD/LED etc TV. My Samsung LED TV looks ok, but I still miss the element of scanlines and the look that...
  11. bloodhokuto

    SVC CHAOS PCB battery Q

    Hey guys! Saw the PCB for cheap and picked this up (only twenty quid). It's quite fun, I never bothered with the home cart, and the PS2 port was yucky. Anyway, my question is in relation to the coin shaped battery that is on this board; - Does it store dip settings? - Or high scores? - Or...
  12. bloodhokuto

    KOF 13 Feature & Review in 'NEO' (UK) Mag.

    Neo is a UK monthly magazine publication that features reviews and articles on Azn* Music, Films, Anime etc. They also review some games and this month they have a review on KOF 13, along with a 4 page feature. KOF 13 also features on the back / front cover - this month is a dual cover...
  13. bloodhokuto

    Different Week Different Shirt

    It seems as if the soccer forum is dead on its feet. Lets try new topics! I like football, although I tend to run a bit hot and cold. I loosely follow Arsenal, but that doesn't mean that I can't get behind another teams, and I'll happily watch any teams play, if I feel so inclined. World Cup...
  14. bloodhokuto

    British Cutting Edge Technology.

    Steam Powered Computer? ... Steam Powered Computer!! I don't think you could get any more awesome than that! Updated News :
  15. bloodhokuto

    The Fall of News International.

    Much to the relief of a lot of people here (UK), it appears that there are still a few good journalists out there. Props must go to The Guardian (yet again) and of course the beloved BBC. Unless you just watch Fox, you may have heard that over in the UK there has been a major scandal kicking...
  16. bloodhokuto

    Some cracking Lego Minisets.

    I love Lego, who doesn't? I do find though that quite a lot of modern sets carry too many shape moulded parts - I prefer Lego that looks like lots of blocks rather than a model kit. In addition, I think the quality of the plastic has changed - for the worse. But I digress. Anyway, this...
  17. bloodhokuto

    Your Grading of this GAROU insert? (V Large Pics).

    I wasn't sure where to post this. I did think in the trading area, but I didn't think it was appropriate, as it's not up for sale. <I don't mind it being moved if need be> That aside, I wondered if some of you chaps might tell me what you grade the quality of this insert for MOTW out of 10...
  18. bloodhokuto

    Dug out my old Cube and Animal Crossing for Xmas.

    Man I love Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. I had a switched Cube for Jpn/US games and I got Animal Crossing pretty much as soon as it came out. I don't quite know what prompted me to get it, but as soon as I got it, it was pretty much the only game I played on the Cube for some time. My...
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    Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA 2

    Ok, so I kept seeing adverts on YesAsia for this game, as well as pictures of the UMD packages on various forums. Anyway, I have been busy struggling through the Japanese PSn recently as I got a cheap PSP Go recently and wanted to utilise the bluetooth Dual Shock connectivity and play the likes...