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  1. Hine62

    New ? Hyperboard

    It's crazy how much they want for a hyper64!
  2. Hine62

    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    Interesting, I just bought a Dreamcast...
  3. Hine62

    When it comes to building your collection, whats more important: Quantity or Quality?

    I also only buy the games that I play, but I'm not a collector. I missing 3 games I would like to play...
  4. Hine62

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    The forum looks great. Thank you for all your hard work!
  5. Hine62

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I couldn't help myself... I guess I've been cooped up to long. :multi_co:
  6. Hine62

    Space invaders Clone

    Needed a new project to clean up some code for my Neo Geo dev. Still using DatLib with a few of my own functions in asm.
  7. Hine62

    WTB: QNIC CGM-2500 monitor chassis

    Looking to have a spare chassis for my cabinet. Would consider a non-working chassis for parts.
  8. Hine62

    NeoDev Kit

    I've been working on a neo geo for awhile now. So far I have a fully working game with one level. The sound is a bit off in the recording. More to come later...
  9. Hine62

    WTB: Pulstar MVS (Cart Found)

    Looking to buy Plustar MVS for my shmup habit...
  10. Hine62

    Graphics tools to create correct format

    I need to make graphics for my game, but can't seem to get the correct format. I've searched everywhere including neodev. What format are graphics saved in for bmp? Or should I be using png/etc? I can't seem to get the correct format for the tools to work. Gimp seems to have a lot of options...
  11. Hine62


    Anyone buy a NeoSD for the website? I'm trying to decide where to buy a NeoSD. hine62
  12. Hine62

    change boot game...

    Is it possible to change a boot cart to another game by replacing the roms? Could it be that simple...
  13. Hine62

    4 slot top board capacitors

    What do the 1000uf capacitors on the top board do on my 4 slot? It looks like the board has taken a tumble, and the capcitors are bad. hine62
  14. Hine62

    mv2 video error

    I'm getting an error, but can't read it on a mv2f. It might be a video ram error. Here is a pic with neo bios: Here is what happens with uni bios 2.3: So far I have done: Checked traces under battery: OK Checked board for scratches: OK Cleaned board and slots. Cleared back up ram. Tried...
  15. Hine62

    Anyone else have 337 update falures

    Just wondering if anyone else has a 337 update failure... I'll be mailing mine in for repair. :very_ang:
  16. Hine62

    new june date for classics 1-5

    Lol... Maybe they will get here, but my excitement is waning. Oh well, the ocean is still an option for this thing! ps. I got an email from amazon for the 10th.
  17. Hine62

    JUne arrival date for classic volumes now!!!!

    I am so mad! aaahhhhh.. I just can't believe they would do this. I'm going to send this thing to the ocean. I'm just so mad. :) just had to be the first to say it!! lol
  18. Hine62

    AES -> MVS

    Is it possible to play an aes game on mvs?
  19. Hine62

    4 slot top board problem?

    Hey guys I have a 4 slot mvs that will boot to hatch screen with just the bottom board. It will also get to the menu for setting the date and such. I don't think the memory can be cleared because the top board is not attached. The problem is it won't boot to hatch screen when the top board is...
  20. Hine62

    Elecom JC-as01 Arcade Stick ??

    I was in Tokyo and bought this stick: jc-as01 It's a pretty good stick and I'd would also like to use it for my PC. In the instruction it says it only works with Japan versions of Windows. Anyone know how I could get it to work with US Windows?