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  1. neo-ced

    SuperGun design

    I'm gathering info and ideas about SuperGuns. Feel free to post your best designs or pictures from other systems / consoled MVS slots ideas / feelings about the one you own I'm thinking about getting my MVS slot something more practical than my old PC power supply... Thanks ;) :eye:
  2. neo-ced

    WTB : MVS » Matrimelee / Magician Lord

    Hi everyone, I'm currently looking for these MVS, US label and loose cart preferably. I'm open to FullKits depending on the price. Bootlegs aren't my stuff but I might have a look. • Matrimelee • Magician Lord Thanks for your help PS : Shippement to Canada - - - - NO LONGER NEEDED - - - •...
  3. neo-ced

    [FS] MVS : Pochi & Nyaa - - - (MS3 aes » sold)

    I finally decided to get more into a Full MVS collection. So it is time to let go of some game. All game are in good condition and verified 100% AUTHENTIC (board pictures are linked) • Shipping from Canada is not included - I can get some quote if interested (it is about 40 to 95$ to Europe And...
  4. neo-ced

    New boxes for my mvs...

    I've been making different cases for my mvs through the years, but now I think I'm going to stick with this new easy template with is somewhere between an old VHS box and the template of the AES system but with some design modifications : EDIT : New game added : what do you think ? I'll...
  5. neo-ced

    Golden warning Stickers

    Hi there, anyone here knows where I can find these golden warnings for games released after 1995 ? I need to replace one that is in bad shape but I don't know how to get them off my spare MVS ones without damaging them :/
  6. neo-ced

    Real Bout Boss Portage ?

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a way to get the data, sprites, animations etc from a PS1 game and translate this to the NEO GEO Syste ? Then burn a new eprom and solder it to a Real Bout Special MVS or AES Prog and Cha (I guess it is the closest one) to play This Boss from Real Bout...
  7. neo-ced

    Really Unrelated topic - Making BTTF shoes...

    I know this is unrelated but still, this is retro :D I always wanted to get those Marty auto lacing shoes... But the price tag always been a No Go to me so I tried to make mine (no autoqace on these but I made a working proto during a night when I could't sleep) Here is the last one I...
  8. neo-ced

    FS - PRICES DROP » MVS Garou, nitd, pi2, rb2

    Hi there, I'm selling some genuine MVS games : Nightmare In The Dark - 260$ » 250$ » 240$ US plastified printed label pictures : Prehistoric isle 2 - 230$ » 220$ » 210$ US plastified label pictures : -...
  9. neo-ced

    [WIP] Ninja Master insert

    work in progress : > I'm searching art of the mvs to create japanese textes on the back > I'll re-work the white frames so what are u think about ? If someone got the arts set mvs japan, scan them pleeeeeeeeeeease
  10. neo-ced

    M I E little manual (speed creation inside)

    here is the manual I've create for my Money idol exchanger AES I put it here for inspiration to BIG BEAR ;) I'm not prood of it but it exist ... I'll do a better version when I'll have time to do it ... by now : enjoy : :mr_t:
  11. neo-ced


    here is the last one : I've printed it yesterday, but I'm not very found of the face pictures... is there someone who have the Hi-definitions scan of the art set ??? my subaru is too dark :-/
  12. neo-ced

    [looking for] NINJA MASTER SCAN

    If u got the arts of the mvs and a scanner, could u scann it in hi definition please ... I want to create a good insert of this game cause all insert or scann I fund on the web were really dirty... thanks ;)
  13. neo-ced

    my last inserts - PI2 & NITD -

    Hi, there are my last NGH insert, what u guys are think of these ones ? here is the PI2 : and the NITD : inserts for NGH Snaplock cases soon available on NEOLIVE MESSAGE FOR BIGBEAR : I've lose my document of the US /JAP money idol manual :(
  14. neo-ced

    [ESTIMATE] Money Idol Exchanger

    Hi, I would like to know How much can I sell this wonderfull convertion with a manual ... All in mint conditions ;) and this one : Thanks :cool:
  15. neo-ced

    NGF est MORT ...

    voila... avis a l'ex forum NGF... :crying: c'est la fin...