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  1. Voultar

    PCE Super SD System 3 - Terraonion New Product (Dec 2017)

    You've mentioned a few things that I would like to go through. A lot of people are interested in understanding this stuff, so I'll try to throw some data out for you all. You mentioned the Amiga and a lot of the 30+ year old reversed caps. Well, yes. The Amiga systems did have a lot of screwy...
  2. Voultar

    SNES Mini THS7314 RGB AMP Mod Issues

    The 1CHIP ASIC has quite a wide swing on the RGB output levels. Some are pretty close to .7vPP. The grand majority that I've probed aren't anywhere near .7vPP. Attenuation can be pretty important. Here's a typical mini for you under peak luma load: If you run that through a driver like...
  3. Voultar

    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    Are you referring to the old ways with the Obey Region board? History lesson time: I never liked cutting the hu-card pins. I would de-solder the entire hu-card assembly and "lift" the pins that I needed to pull signals from. Lift those signals out of circuit, position the chip. Then...
  4. Voultar

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Only for you big boy. If you have a sound service manual for your set and a Jungle I/C with analog RGB inputs, it isn't very difficult to do. I'll have a write-up available in a neighboring forum once everything arrives. This Trinitron doesn't have an "unused" scart port, or an area...
  5. Voultar

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Ha! After some patience, I was able to wrestle this 183 lb. beast into submission, safely. I've already mapped out the Jungle I/C for RGB input. :)
  6. Voultar

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Well hell, I definitely measured that wrong.. Gorgeous Trinitron with super, super low hours. It was purchased brand new for a business and had less than 15 hours on it. They rarely showed a training video here and there for staff. This tube is the perfect candidate for a native analog...
  7. Voultar

    Over Horizon - NES/Famicom shoot-em-up!

    Has anyone here enjoyed this little jewel? It was developed/released by Hot-B in Japan and Europe and never made it to the States, unfortunately. This game has an outstanding soundtrack and super responsive controls. It borrows a lot from the traditional 80's Konami shooters. But it's all...
  8. Voultar

    Voultar's Pre-modded Systems Thread

    I'm retiring guys. Until next time.
  9. Voultar

    FS: Chipped Phat V9 PS2

    Up for sale is a V9 PS2. My favorite of all the phat ladies!! This unit is equipped with a Modbo 4, it will boot both PS1 and PS2 games without a hitch. Also included is the LAN/HDD adapter, so that you may store your backups/homebrew onto hard-disk and enjoy life that way. Included are...
  10. Voultar

    Making clean cuts in plastic

    Here are the two main tools that I use for small/fine plastic casework. I use a Dremel to take most of the material out, and then when I have it at around 80%, I switch to a fine file to line everything up. That's how I handle Multi-Out connectors for NESRGB modded systems.
  11. Voultar

    FS: Chipped PsOne Mini

    Up for sale is a PsOne mini chipped with a Mayumi v4. This system is multi-region, and will boot all PS1 backups, including all anti-mod titles. The system also has a blue power LED, in place of the green. Bundle includes: Chipped Console Dualshock Controller A/V Cable Power Cable SOLD!
  12. Voultar

    FS: Chipped 7501 PS1 -NEW WIRING SCHEMA!

    Up for grabs is a chipped SCPH-7501 equipped with a Mayumi v4. This system will play both pressed and burned copies of games from all regions. I've come up with a much more efficent "short-wire" installation schema for the 7xxx series that's been used on this board. This yields longer chip...
  13. Voultar

    FS: Voultar's Mayumi v4 PS1 mod-chips.

    Yes, these chips region free your system. Here's an installation picture of the new package fitted to a SCPH-101 (PsOne Mini).
  14. Voultar

    FS: Voultar's Mayumi v4 PS1 mod-chips.

    I'm currently offering the Mayumi v4 stealth mod-chip for the PS1 console. The Mayumi v4 is the mod-chip to have for PS1 models SCPH-5XXXX and up. The Multi-Mode III and most other stealth mod-chips are simply poorer performing copies of the Mayumi V4 code source. There isn't a chip available...
  15. Voultar

    FS:Chipped PsOne -Mayumi v4 Fully Stealthed

    Up for sale is a chipped PsOne with a (short wire) Mayumi V4, fully stealthed. This unit is in excellent condition. The laser has been adjusted to boot even the cheapest of media, and the sled has been properly greased. This unit will direct-boot all PS1 imports & backups, including the infamous...
  16. Voultar

    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    The only reason I'm posting this is because I see so many people do this totally ass-backwards, and I believe it deserves a mention. The NES-101 Power LED mod, absolutely simple. But so many people fuck this up due to all of the "Youtube" video's demonstrating this. My real gripe is when I...
  17. Voultar

    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    Finished up the RGB circuit this evening:
  18. Voultar

    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    The yellowing itself was fairly significant, the 4th picture down was taken pre 20/100 h202 cocktail treatment. I'd say that it was 60% nicotine stains, and 40% plastic yellowing. The trick to removing debris without being abrasive with the casings or artwork is the micro-sponge. EDIT: I...
  19. Voultar

    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    I know this thread is all about clean internal mod work, but I wanted to share my latest restoration project. **56K Warning** Look at the beautiful turd that arrived by mail today: But with a little effort.. The resurrection is near!! I'm 80% finished restoring the casings...