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  1. kei_dash

    King of Fighters '94 AES EURO CIB

    Hi: I put on sale this NeoGeo game for economic needs. Condition: Insert with small wear on the upper edge Box (exterior) in very good condition, without marks or folds Inner plastic tray cracked at the top and botton right Game with very slight marks of use Manual in good condition...
  2. kei_dash

    Soccer Brawl AES EURO CIB

    Hi, For economic reasons I have to get rid of it. Sending from Spain to Europe. Shipping cost 25€ by insured courier. CONDITION: Insert with a small break at the bottom of the spine and small wear on the upper edge Box (outside) with sticker mark (can be removed) Inner plastic tray cracked...
  3. kei_dash

    Is down? [UPDATE] it's up again!

    You are great! @"Xian Xi" I want to buy four octogonal plates: 2 for NeoGeo Hori Joystick + 2 for NeoGeo Old Stick
  4. kei_dash

    Is down? [UPDATE] it's up again!

    Any info about this? Is it a temporal or mantain closing time? I am looking to buy some Hori Plates here this monday and now... :help:
  5. kei_dash

    AES Game SpinMaster EUR / US

    Hi: I sell this game, EUR / US version complete with insert, cartridge, manual & soft case SOLD outside forum
  6. kei_dash

    NeoGeo AES +MVS cart sale FCFS

    Hello: First come first served. I send to Europe. US AES carts: - The King of Fighters 98 USA complete + movements book of Japanese edition: some marks of use in the manuals and cartridge. Moisture marks on the top of the insert. see photos. Snaplock box in good condition. I include...
  7. kei_dash

    Samurai Shodown 2 AES US

    I'm looking for a Samurai Shodown 2 AES US completed and in near mint condition. Shipping to Spain Regards
  8. kei_dash

    WTB: MVS Multigame 138-in-1 or 120-in-1

    Hi, I'm looking for these multigame cartridges for MVS. Thanks!
  9. kei_dash

    Duda MVS + GBS-8220 HSYNC o VSYNC??

    Hola a tod@s! En primer lugar me presento a este foro, vivo en Madrid y desde pequeño he sido un fan de NeoGeo por el tiempo que he pasado jugando a sus recreativas, dándole caña KOF año a año. Ahora que soy carrocilla me he decidido a hacerle mi pequeño homenaje a NeoGeo y a mí mismo...
  10. kei_dash

    Is Sync Stripper/Sync Strike really needed in CMVS?

    Hi all, I have tried to build a CMVS with a MV1C. I have a doubt, is really needed a Sync tripper between the output of Jamma and the VGA Scaler (with 8220 chipset)? With this Sync Stripper is the image better/smoother? Thanks a lot!