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  1. xiao_haozi

    WTB: Last Blade 2 Mook

    WTB: Last Blade 2 Mook Anyone have one available?
  2. xiao_haozi

    Price check aisle 3

    Hey ladies and gentlemen.... Was wondering if someone could assist me with some prices: D&D Tower of Doom (blue - phoenixed) Toaplan Outzone Thanks in advance!
  3. xiao_haozi

    CMVS Sell-off : Part 1 + SS3 AES

    Part 1 of CMVS sell-off completed. *1 slot sold. I should be posting the 2 slot CMVS in the next week or two. This was my mini-aes build. 1 Slot CMVS - fully enclosed 1C : $380 shipped (or best offer!) [SOLD] Price includes shipping via USPS with DC and insurance. :forw: Component + Svid...
  4. xiao_haozi

    MvC, D&D TOD CPS2; Toaplan Outzone PCB

    Some updates and price drops. Marvel vs Capcom (b board) - was $90 shipped (via USPS w/ DC) Updated: B Board only, $78 shipped OBO TRADEDD&D Tower of Doom (phoenixed) $100 + shippingTRADED SOLD Toaplan Outzone $140 + shipping SOLD
  5. xiao_haozi

    Sound out in cab.

    Have an MVS4 big red that a few weeks back had tried a new Tetris board in there (via adaptor). Sound was really screwed up and figured the board needed some repair work. Today, went to play some MVS carts and noticed no sound at all. If I toggle the volume on the MVS board, I don't get...
  6. xiao_haozi

    WTB: Mook(s)

    Currently looking for: - Last Blade 2 Thanks!
  7. xiao_haozi

    FS: 19XX (CPS2) ---sold.

    SOLD! 19XX CPS2 (green) $105 shipped in US via USPS w/DC PP gift
  8. xiao_haozi

    QUICK SALE: ---HURRY - two games left w/ special bundle price!!!---

    Prices include shipping via USPS Priority with DC within the US. Hit me up with any questions. FOR SALE: =========================================================== ----OR TAKE BOTH NGPC GAMES FOR ONLY $16 shipped!!! Metal Slug 1st Mission - NGPC $10 shipped cart and plastic case only...
  9. xiao_haozi

    WTB: Uncharted -- found

    [FOUND!] --- :) Just picked up Uncharted 2 and was told I should play the first one before jumping into 2.... So.... Looking to pick up the first Uncharted.... If someone could help me out with a good deal I would be much appreciative! Thanks in advance :)
  10. xiao_haozi

    FS: Strikers 1945 II ===========

    SOLD: Strikers 1945 II board. Great condition. $85 shipped (USPS priority + DC) PP gift or add 4% to cover fees. SOLD
  11. xiao_haozi

    WTB: Last Blade JP home cart (and a few others)

    Last Blade JP home cart [<--FOUND] I want it and I'm sure you have it.... let's make this thing right! Also am looking for (but not in any hurry): - King of Monsters 2 (JP) - Football Frenzy (JP)...
  12. xiao_haozi

    FS/FT: SSV US MVS Kit (complete) + LAST BLADE JP MVS Kit (complete) : Combo Priced!

    SOLD SOLD SOLD :) Okay have added a Last Blade kit as well. Buy both of these for $210 shipped in the US (USPS Priority w/DC and insurance). Will also (and prefer) trade towards JP Samurai Spirits 4 and JP Last Blade home carts (complete and nice condition)...
  13. xiao_haozi

    FS: WEEKEND SALE - XBOX w/XBMC , Chrono trigger and many more --PRICES DROPPED!

    Price includes shipping within the US. PP as gift if you are okay with that. ALL OFFERS WELCOME! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XBOX (original) with XBMC $65 shipped USPS with DC Original XBOX with dashboard loaded and XBMC...
  14. xiao_haozi

    WTB: Viewpoint AES

    Okay... so I went past my cap on Battlesmurf's MVS kit auction. WTB: Viewpoint AES Please let me know if you have an AES Viewpoint (JP or US) complete. You have one, I want one, you can sell it to me and then we'll be best friends forever. I'd like to follow the price guide on these. I do...
  15. xiao_haozi

    FS: Old style neo stick and Boxed 2 Slot -- PRICE DROP!

    ALL SOLD --- prices kept listed for search references. Boxed 2 Slot MVS $130 shipped -- SOLD Neo Geo 2 slot MVS board in box and bubble wrap with matching serial numbers. MVS board has some very slight cosmetic rust on the top back corner of the metal case (inquiry about photos if concerned)...
  16. xiao_haozi

    Play magazine - dead on the press?

    Any other subscribers? I just fired off an email as I hadn't received anything since the January issue, but .. - Their main site is down - The subscription site also seems to no longer exist. and then I found this...
  17. xiao_haozi

    FS: Complete Chrono Trigger ... and some more (PS2,Wii,360)!

    Price includes shipping within the US. PP as gift if you are okay with that. Complete Chrono Trigger (Super Famicom) $32 shipped in US Also have an xbox (original) with XBMC, etc loaded on there. We used it as a HTPC until we finally built another full setup again. If someone is...
  18. xiao_haozi

    FS: Last Blade MVS and 2 Slot MVS

    FS: Boxed 2 Slot MVS -- PRICE DROP! Price includes shipping within the US (if international, shoot me a PM and I'll see what we can do). PP as gift if you are okay with that. :forw:PRICE DROP:back: Boxed 2 Slot MVS $140 shipped in US - Neo Geo 2 slot MVS board in box and bubble wrap with...
  19. xiao_haozi

    WTB: A few AES manuals

    Looking for the following AES manuals listed below. Mint condition (and hopefully in bag) please. Aero Fighters 2 (US) Magician Lord (JP) *(see below)* Samurai Spirits (JP) ** Have a Samurai Shodown manual if anyone would like to trade their Sam Spirits manual for my English one.
  20. xiao_haozi

    AES BIOS inquiry

    Planning on swapping in a new BIOS for the AES but I've been torn between using the DEBUG BIOS or Raz's. Definitely more benefits to the unibios, but I really dig some of the features of the DEBUG such as level select and some of the neat 'eggs' in Metal Slug (such as X). I went to grab the...