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  1. myblackamex

    WTB: Money Puzzle Exchanger and Super Dodge Ball

    Looking to purchase a few MVS cart or Full Kits.Any region is fine with me. ****ALL FOUND**** Thank you
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    WTB: Nothing

    Looking for Nothing
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    Rarity of English carts per the Neo Store based on their experience

    With a Neo Turf Master selling over night for a whooping $9,999.99 the Neo Store posted in the listing what they believed to be the rarity of English carts based on their experience. Rarity of English home carts is likely as follows, listing rarest first: Kizuna Encuunter, Ultimate 11, Metal...
  4. myblackamex

    WTB: Atomiswave Guilty Gear X 1.5

    Looking for a legit Atomiswave Guilty Gear X 1.5. PM if you have one you don't mind selling. Thanks
  5. myblackamex

    Since when the VGA certified AES games

    I found this post on Instagram.... a VGA 90 SVC AES???????? I know this is popular with Nintendo games but Neo Geo AES? and the guy wants 5k!!!! ludicrous
  6. myblackamex

    XRGB Mini Update and Setting

    For thos who use an Framemeister XRGB Mini version 2.03a was released and the update can be downloaded here. It cleaned up a few issues I was having so may want to give it a try. You can use Google Chrome and click the translate button to read...
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    WTB: Nothing

    Thank you
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    SOLVED: Help with US or PAL AES system for this board type

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    NEO GEO US/EURO AES Price Guide website UPDATED: MVS NOW! UPDATED: RECENTLY ADDED MVS Working in collaboration with the we were able to develop a Neo Geo AES US/EURO price list will be tracked daily via the website above. This site will pull all the daily...
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    FS: Neo Geo AES US/Euro Games (SOLD)

    The following items below are all US/English and include shipping. You will receive the cart, manual, case and insert. All games will be packed in a box with the cart seperated from the case,insert and manual for safe shipping. If you are an international buyer I can get you a quote. Assume...
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    FS: cancel

  12. myblackamex

    US Release AES games question

    I am doing research on the Neo Geo AES games released in the US cataloging UPC numbers and other related items. Since there is not a lot of information on what games were in the US at retail, I wanted to confirm using UPC numbers for earlier games that would have been sold in US retail stores...
  13. myblackamex

    WTB: Nothing

    ************************************** Found on SVC Chaos - AES US - $400 (shipped) Robo Army - AES Dog Tag US - $200 (shipped) Ninja Commando - AES Dog Tag US - $450 (shipped) Last Resort - AES Dog Tag US - $250 (shipped) Mutation Nation - AES Dog Tag US - $320 (shipped)