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  1. 2Dfan

    FS: SNK arcade posters

  2. 2Dfan

    WTB: original Metal Slug 3 arcade poster

    My favorite Metal Slug, been looking for the arcade poster for years, anyone gt a lead on this?
  3. 2Dfan

    Metal Slug 3 Blocks!?

    Yes, this is the new normal.
  4. 2Dfan

    NeoGeo original posters for sale MVS / Neo CD

    All posters are original official releases, no repros. Ex shipping. €75 each or a good offer. Size is Japanese B2: 50cm x 70cm / 20inch x 28inch. B1 size KOF99: 100cm x 70cm / 40inch x 28inch.
  5. 2Dfan

    Any other safe options besides Paypal?

    Are there?
  6. 2Dfan


    sup everyone! I have my original ninja master's arcade poster for sale. Price would be around the $200-$300 mark. **ON HOLD**
  7. 2Dfan


    Hello all, would anyone be interested in my jp metal slug x? Pricing would be around $550-$600.
  8. 2Dfan

    PAYPAL woes. Opening account requires ALL personal info?

    So, I want to open up a paypal account, I did so a few days back. But now I got a message that the accoutn is blocked. I haven't even made 1 transaction. They need a copy of my passport, photo, driver's license etc. WTF? Does anyone else have this problem? If I open an account and immediately...
  9. 2Dfan

    WTB: consolized PGM or someone who does this

    I'm looking to buy a consolized PGM system. Or if someone knows how to do this, please pm me. Must have: RGB output, 2 NEO GEO controller ports.
  10. 2Dfan

    Anyone got the site with the BG and character rips?

    There was this HK based site with background and sprite rips..does anyone remember the address?
  11. 2Dfan

    AC-adapter: normal to get real hot?

    I have the pow-pro 3 ac, 10V, but it gets REAL hot after an hour or 2, like you can barely touch this normal?
  12. 2Dfan

    which ac adapter does my aes need? *WITH PIC*

    My aes came without one, but I found a pro-pow3 ac adapter, the aes has serial 171k, also says pro-pow3 on the back, but I'm not sure...could the wrong one fry my aes?
  13. 2Dfan

    FS/FT: **ninja master's** arcade poster

    Poster is near mint, BIG arcade size 70cm x 100cm / 28inch x 40inch. Trades welcome for higher end jpn aes titles. PICS ON REQUEST!!
  14. 2Dfan

    FS/FT: mai shiranui 1/6 official max factory pvc figure

    Hi all, I have the mai shiranui figure up for sale. Everything is brand new, box is new, figure has never been removed from the box either, NO damages whatsoever. Figure is about 30cm / 12 inch in height. Figure is up for sale or trade for neo carts (jpn aes).
  15. 2Dfan

    graphic issues with aes

    I have some graphical glitches with my aes, serial 171K. I tested the aes without a cart in and the screen was blue, so I guess it looks to be ok...BUT I have the following problems: graphical errors when there are big explosions on screen, these explosions show up with garbled graphics. also...
  16. 2Dfan

    WTB: AES JPN metal slug 3

    minty mint puleese!
  17. 2Dfan

    Newsgroups n stuff

    Does anyone here use newsgroups? I'm new to those and don't really know where to search for stuff...mainly anime tv subbed stuff. Is it ok to talk about it here???
  18. 2Dfan

    FS: ketsui arcade poster

    Poster is brand-new in tube. Paypal is accepted.
  19. 2Dfan

    Asuka 100% and Advanced V.G. [which versions are best?]

    There are quite a few versions for psx/saturn of these 2 games...but which ones are the best?? And worth getting?
  20. 2Dfan

    best place to buy anime-dvd outside of ebay?

    I'm mainly looking for older stuff like the guyver, cyber city etc. etc.