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  1. sammybean

    AWSD Cab w/mobo - $1000 - Southern Maine

    Clean, works well, came from Ken at The Game Room. Most likely moving cross-country, and have no real desire to pay for shipping to take it along with. $1000, a good bit less than I paid for it after shipping, cash and carry. Will sell with an atomiswave mobo and a Metal Slug 6 boot from...
  2. sammybean

    WTB: Metal Sug X, 3, aaaand a 1-slot MVS

    Title says it all!
  3. sammybean

    FS: 1 Taito leather stool

    SOLD Pending payment. $130 plus actual shipping. 20x18x18 9.5lbs from 04002. My apologies to anyone who'd PM'ed me "If you ever want to sell one..." I simply couldn't remember 2/3s of the folk who sent PM's like that from months ago. :)
  4. sammybean

    FS: Sega Blast City w/001 loom and Capcom I/O

    Located in Maine at zip 04002. Much prefer to do this in person after all the trouble shipping the last one... It's pretty damn clean. Monitor wiring is custom, but thanks to another member I have the original wiring on hand, just not sure how to install it, so that'll come with it too! Oh...
  5. sammybean

    Soupbones and my trouble with AMEX and Paypal

    Sold him my NAC, he received it, told me that I'd forgotten to tate the monitor, but everything worked fine. He tated the monitor and somehow managed to injure it (I'm assuming he knocked off the main capacitor as when it was replaced it was put on the opposite side of the PCB because it was...
  6. sammybean

    WTT: MS4 for MSX

    You pay shipping for both and we'll call it even ;). JP label on the MS4, I don't care what label's on MSX as long as it's legit.
  7. sammybean

    FS/T: Hyperdimension Neptunia (SEALED)

    $60 shipped. Trade wants: DSi (blue) DSi XL Good DS games I don't have (There are a lot) Obviously + or - cash to cover differences.
  8. sammybean

    WTB: Contact DS / FOUND: SMT:Devil Survivor

    Have paypal waiting :). EDIT: Oh, it's gotta be complete :).
  9. sammybean

    MVU4-25 Neo Candy

    MVU4-25, super clean, 3 slots work perfectly, 1 slot is temperamental, MVS board has black powder-coated metal casing, super sexy if you ever choose to consolize the board. $550 You're responsible for shipping/pick-up.
  10. sammybean

    Sammy's MVS Sale

    Cleaning house! Might even send off the cab, so if anyone's interested in an MVU4-25 send me a note and we'll chat. This list also isn't fully populated, so I'll fix that tonight! :) Carts w/ shocks w/inserts (US unless noted): Blazing Star Magical Drop 3 - no shock - $52 Metal Slug - (No...
  11. sammybean

    PS3 RPG LE's, 3DS, PS2 RPG's, EWJ2 SE!, NES, Genny! Prices adjusted!

    Time for a big selling off of things! Every price is shipped in the USA! Everything's complete unless noted otherwise. Didn't thoroughly research prices, so if I'm off, lmk! Paypal gift or +3%. So here's a start! 3DS Pilotwings 3D - $25 Steel Diver - $25 Take both for $43 shipped! PS3...
  12. sammybean

    FS: MVU4-25 4-slot Neo Candy - Puchi Carat F-3 kit!

    Puchi Carat F-3 kit. All the original artwork, the cartridge, the manual, and an F-3 Motherboard. Everything except the box, this took a long time to piece together. Make an offer. Also my MVU4-25, super clean, 3 slots work perfectly, 1 slot is temperamental, MVS board has black...
  13. sammybean

    SOLD: New Astro City - Maine

    $600, will only ship if you arrange it all and they pick up from my house. It's been all re-painted with the exception of the main door and the CP surround (which if it ever stops raining I will get done this week). Monitor's an absolutely stunning original Nanao. Your choice of 2l8b or 1l4b...
  14. sammybean

    Price / Interest Check: NTSC-J 4GB Xbox 360 s

    Complete in box, turned on like twice, with all original bits and a parted together LE copy of Mushi Futari (no DLC). Don't really have a use for it. I don't know what this should run price-wise :/.
  15. sammybean

    FS/FT: SSFIV 3DS and 4GB XBOX 360 slim

    Both prices shipped. $150 - 360 comes with controller and all cables. *PENDING PAYMENT* $25 - SSFIV 3DS is complete! Will do trades! I'm could be tempted with a wii or a Karumi edition Xbox. (Other things too I'm sure)
  16. sammybean

    Quick ? on Sega 001 loom

    It includes the 15-pin amp connector for the monitor, doesn't it?
  17. sammybean

    WTB: Kasumi-chan edition XBOX

    I want one! :D Has to be complete, preferably modded. :)
  18. sammybean

    WTB: Gamshara / Naomi Motherboard / Gunspike

    Looking for a few things :).
  19. sammybean

    SOLD: PCE Duo

    Console cables and controller. $130 shipped. Works fantastic.