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  1. geise

    RGOTM - May 2019: Elevator Action Returns

    Been a good while since I've played though this game. It was a reason I wanted to add this for the RGOTM. So I did a few runs today and this was my best so far. Really tried using the bombs a lot. Geise - 213,300 - Stage 4 - Edie Burret - Saturn
  2. geise

    RGOTM - May 2019: Elevator Action Returns

    Elevator Action Returns takes the win by 3 and only 3 votes! This is an amazing game that actually is nice to play for score. I am sure most with either play the Arcade PCB or Saturn release but I will let the other ports on ps2, pc and Xbox be allowed. Everything should stay default settings...
  3. geise

    RGOTM - May 2019 Voting thread

    RGOM for May 2019! Choices are: Undeadline - MSX, MD, X68k Trizeal - DC, Arcade, PS2 (no mobile or Trizeal remix released for Windows) Elevator Action Returns - Arcade, Saturn, PS2, XBOX, Windows (would like to stick to Arcade and Saturn) Lets vote and have some fun!
  4. geise

    SOTM January 2018: Gunlock/RayForce - Galactic Attack/Layer Section

    Finally made a run. Not happy with this one. Made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully I'll have some more time to play soon. geise - 1,549,600 -Area 5 - Saturn
  5. geise

    SOTM January 2018: Gunlock/RayForce - Galactic Attack/Layer Section

    Lets get this year started! Rules: For Gun Lock / RayForce (Arcade, MAME) Just default settings Credits 1 Have Fun For Galactic Attack / Layer Section (Saturn) See Above Arcade / MAME high scores - Hi-Score format: Score - Area - Platform 1. Kidpanda - 4,016,000 - All - PCB 2. twalden...
  6. geise

    SOTM January 2018 Voting Thread!

    New year, new SOTM time. I hope these games will peak interest for this coming month. 1. Gunlock/Galactic Attack/Layer Section - Arcade/Saturn 2. Tatsujin Ō/Truxton II - Arcade/FM Towns 3. Nexzr/Summer Carnival 93 - PC-Engine SCD Same game minus intro on SC93, and SC93 has time attack...
  7. geise

    Most difficult shmups you've ever played?

    Yeah most shooters that have 1 hit and a checkpoint are a pain when you die. However making it through certain areas with next to nothing is very gratifying.
  8. geise

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got this last week.
  9. geise

    Aero Fighters 2 MVS for sale! (SOLD)

    I originally bought this copy here from Xian Xi. It needs another good home to go to. It still plays great! Looking to get $40 shipped in the US. Any questions please let me know. Thanks. SOLD
  10. geise

    PSX and DC Import shooters (ALL SOLD!)

    Hello. Just a couple shooters I want to sell. All are in excellent condition. Since I am a new seller here there is no need to paypal gift or 4%. Prices are already included in shipping. Any questions please let me know. Thanks. PSX G Darius (import) SOLD RType Delta (import) SOLD...
  11. geise


    Looking for a square neo classic controller. Cracked ball is fine. Looking to buy for around $50 shipped.
  12. geise

    MV-1FZ and kof 2000 issues

    I recently bought a kof 2k cart that is perfectly legit. I have major graphic issues with the cart. All the graphics are garbled for backgrounds and characters. The text, menu bars, and character icons are all fine, as is the sound. I cleaned the contacts with alcohol, a pink eraser, and...