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  1. Grinwing

    New to buying from yahoo japan

    Anyone have some good tips/tricks when buying from yahoo japan? Also which services do you use or recommend and which should be avoided. This will be the first time I have done this and I have no clue what to expect.
  2. Grinwing

    MN MOMA Auction 2014

    This years auction will be at a new location in Bloomington. 9549 Penn Ave. aka Lieberman's. Date: Oct 11th. More info:
  3. Grinwing

    Pinball Expo

    Anyone else going to be at Pinball Expo this year?
  4. Grinwing

    MN MOMA Arcade Auction 2011

    Information has been posted here I believe this is the same location as it has been in for the past few years.
  5. Grinwing

    MN: MOMA Auction 10/30

    The annual MOMA auction is coming up on 10/30. This will be held in Maple Grove by Grafe Auctions. Details on their site. An additional event happening on the 15th is the Avatar pinball release party up at Blainbrook. Will be starting around 7. I realize this is a conflict with Mike's party...
  6. Grinwing

    Awesome Reviews!

    Post any funny reviews for products you guys find. I was looking at reviews on Amazon for inexpensive acoustic guitars that would work for someone just learning to play and found this gem! I've seen people on television such as Jimmy Page and Neil Young make nice sounds come out of the guitar...
  7. Grinwing

    MV-1C Color Ram Error

    Hey guys, I just finished installing the NeoBiosMasta and my 1C now comes up with this error: Color Ram Banko Error Address Write Read 00400000 5555 0010 What do I need to look at to fix this? Additional, I did not remove the original bios.
  8. Grinwing

    Dedicated Neo Cab

    I picked up a dedicated 2 slot (a little different than the one on that I was told had no sound and no picture. I saw that there was no glow from the neck when it had power and brought it home hoping for an easy fix. Once home, I hit the credit button to see if it was possibly...
  9. Grinwing

    Good Console Shooters

    Hey guys, I need to pick up some shooters for various consoles and was wondering which ones I should start looking for and what console it was released on (domestic.) Thanks in advance.
  10. Grinwing

    MN: Pinball Circus October 10th and 11th

    SS Billiards is having the fall Pinball Circus in just over a week. He has discounted the price for this one to only $10 for the weekend. I won't be bringing a machine to play this time, but I will be there on Saturday. Would love to see some of you guys make it. Click here for details
  11. Grinwing

    MN: Pinball on a Stick at State Fair

    Guys, looks like Thursday (27th) the Twin Cities Pinball Enthusiasts are getting together at the State Fair. Some of the local guys have gotten together and have a room where the old penny arcade used to be (next to the butterfly house) and filled it with pinball. Just look for the banner that...
  12. Grinwing

    Sold! Bust A Move Again

    Hey guys, I have a Bust A Move Again original working MVS cart that I need to get off my hands. Not looking for trades at this time. Also not looking for a mint for this thing so shoot a reasonable offer ($125?), lowballs will be ignored and if you still see this, it is still available. [ Sold! ]
  13. Grinwing

    What Region Kits do you own?

    Quick poll to see what region the Hyper64 kits that people own are from. It seems that you don't see many US/English kits on here, they are mostly Japanese kits. I personally own all 4 fighting games in Japanese region (3 of which are full kits) and have FF:WA and Buriki in full English kit form.
  14. Grinwing

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    This thread was hilarious and messed up all at the same time. Good entertainment!
  15. Grinwing

    MN: Second Tuesday Pinball

    Hey guys, just a word to let you know that the second wednesday of the month pinball at SS Billiards has been switched to every second Tuesday. Stop in at one of the best places in the twin cities for pinball starting at around 7pm. If you find the door closed we should be there soon after, or...
  16. Grinwing

    MN Winter Gathering.

    I am guessing this isn't going down this year? Economy? Too many people move out of the area? Anyone willing to take the reigns on this one?
  17. Grinwing

    MN: Pinball Circus

    Coming up the weekend of Oct 18-19 is the Pinball Circus at SS Billiards in Hopkins. If you haven't been to one of these, its a cover charge event that covers the weekend and allows you to play all the pinball you can with all the machines set to FREE PLAY. They also have some tourneys if you...
  18. Grinwing

    MN: Second Wednesday Pinball

    It's that time again. Every second wednesday of the month we have the pinball gathering at SS Billiards in Hopkins. 5pm meet up the street at the Big 10 for some food. 6pm start time (or as soon as Lloyd gets back from supper with us.) Hope to see any of you that can make it.
  19. Grinwing

    Your PM box is full

    Bobak, I tried to drop you a PM about a tron on craigslist, but your pm box is full. Here is the URL: Just wanted you to know.
  20. Grinwing

    werejag: Above and Beyond

    Just putting this out there to let people know that werejag has gone above and beyond on the 1 slot deal with DevilRedeemed. He was the middleman who broke down and shipped the bulk order to individuals and was there to support a possible issue that I had with the one I received. As it would...