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  1. Zinji

    EA Up For Sale! What Does This Mean For Gamers? obligatory! :lolz: -iZW909WuB4&feature=player_embedded
  2. Zinji

    Issues with my Metal Slug 3 MVS Cartridge!

    The MVS cart starts OK, but I encountered some strange events in the game (player 2 start on it's own, can't shoot my gun, can't start the game immediately) So I tried cleaning the cart with a Q-tip/Windex combination but didn't work, then I tried cleaning the cart's lenses with the eraser...
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    "Speed of light is masculine?" That what some feminists actually believes! :lol:
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    The best looking Neo Geo Posters to have

    I'm not a collector, so I don' care if the posters are original or not, but I'm interested in any posters that have any artwork by Shinkiro! :drool_2: Any good posters you recommend?
  5. Zinji

    What do you Love? I typed "sluts", but instead I got kittens! :kekeke:
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    I need an extra 20 points ASAP! (Nintendo Club Related)

    I'm kinda embarrassed to ask this, but would someone gift me a Nintendo Club code? I only need an extra 20 points to get the Zelda's Poster set, and I thought that instead of buying a first party nintendo game, I could ask someone here who collect these codes and doesn't redeem them! :D...
  7. Zinji

    Any 4th Edition D&D Players here?

    I'm looking for some D&D players who might be interested in an online gaming session, I'm kinda learning it myself and I bought the D&D 4th PDFs and I want to play with more experienced players. ;) Edit: Title changed. :lolz:
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    World's First Virtual Store Opens in Korea!

    oPM4Ui6Sjfk :scratch:
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    "One Man Disney Movie" With All the Voices by One Amazing Singer!

    Zp1BYzIVi0U#! Why the fuck this man is not working with Disney yet? MIND = BLOWN! :buttrock:
  10. Zinji

    MVS Shockboxes: Classic Inserts VS Full Cover Inserts?

    I'm about to buy a bunch of Shockboxes and I was wondering which style will look better on my shelves: classic inserts or full cover inserts? :scratch:
  11. Zinji

    WTB: Brand New Shockboxes (Red + Black&White)

    Hi Guys, I need to buy at least 7 red Shockboxes or eight B&W Shockboxes as soon as possible, Please PM me in case you are interested, Thanks,
  12. Zinji

    A new CRPG coming soon.. and it's a new Baldur's Gate!!! omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! :drool_2: I hope we hear some kind of news soon! :buttrock:
  13. Zinji

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - Good or Bad?

    I was thinking of buying a good android phone that is both cheap and reliable, I'm also looking to play some games on the go, I'm not big on touch screen gaming, so I liked the general concept of the Play Xperia Should I buy it or not? And if not what should I get instead? P.S. I have an...
  14. Zinji

    What is, in your opinion, the best Street Fighter variation?

    I bet this thread was posted millions of times over the Internet! :tickled: Top 3 personal favorites: 1- Street Fighter III 3rd Strike (Dreamcast port + Arcade) 2- Super Street Fighter II Turbo (SNES port) 3- Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Arcade) Why? 1- I think that 3rd strike is an the pinnacle...
  15. Zinji

    A She-pee!

    I think women should have equal rights as men, but this shit is beyond ridiculous! :lol:
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    Ancient Japanese Fart Scrolls, WTF? Japan's got quite the gassy past! :tickled:
  17. Zinji

    Not for the faint of heart... Just scroll down.. :crying:
  18. Zinji

    NEO.GEO MVS Carts New Design! [Images Included]

    'Sup guys, I was recently inspired to start up a new project to design a new MVS carts replacement shells, I wanted to achieve something similar to the nice aesthetic of the AES carts, yet adding new elements to the design to increase the practicability for the gamers crowd (Like me! ;) ) I...
  19. Zinji

    Any tips for a New CMVS/AES owners?

    I would love for the community to start working on a general guide for owner of CMVS or AES systems for noobs like me, Got any tips on how to work your way into owning specific carts? Cleaning the system? Adding a Memory card chip? Additional customizing tips?
  20. Zinji

    The only game where you can end up with a limp arm holding a gun, on your severed head.

    Never Dead - Nice concept yet bad execution. :lol: