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  1. madman

    Best golf games

    What are some good golf games to check out? I like NTM, whatever the Gamecube Mario golf is, the Hot Shots games on PSP are pretty fun and I've heard the GBA Mario golf is good too. I should flash that joint on my everdrive. Anything from the 16-bit era worth playing? Is Irem Skins good enough...
  2. madman

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

  3. madman

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

  4. madman

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

  5. madman

    FS: Foes of Ali 3DO

    Back again madman here. I've got a hot hot deal on a 3DO hidden gem called Foes of Ali. Manual as pictured, disc is NM. Asking $13 shipped. Interesting trades will be considered.
  6. madman

    Last Hope for NGCD reprint

    25 Euros at the NGDev Store. A must have for the Neo Geo connoisseur disc enthusiast. Don’t pay high EBay prices!
  7. madman

    Official Neo Geo Connoisseur Disc Curators Thread

    Hello and welcome to the Neo Geo Connoisseur Disc Curators thread. This is a place where likeminded individuals can discuss the merits of the Neo Geo CD format and display their collections. I currently own a CIB CDZ serial number 0026400. My most prized NGCD game is Brikinger which was...
  8. madman

    FS: Bang^2 Busters MVS

    Newer thing: Bang Bang Busters MVS cart made by BB. Half SNKG shell half blue shell. Asking $65 shipped USPS Priority. Older things: [/spoiler][/spoiler]
  9. madman

    Favorite console/portable NBA Jam

    From the OG up to the 3D shit, what's your favorite?
  10. madman

    Mortal Monday

    Pretty cool article about the history of the MK home ports: Hard to believe this was 25 years ago--I'm old AF.
  11. madman

    FS: Bust A Move aka Puzzle Bobble Kit + Shuckbux

    As I continue to de-kit my collection, I've got this one up FS. Box is average condition, a number written in pen on the outside label, some creases. Looks like someone stabbed the top with a flathead too. Cart itself is pretty nice, one vertical crease on the label, but otherwise in good shape...
  12. madman

    SOLD: Knights of Valour The Seven Spirits for Atomiswave

    Looking to move this OG cart, no Chinaman specials here. $150 shipped w/a mobo seems to be the going price, at $88 for a cart, you're gonna see some serious shit. Otherwise, into the EBay pile. US only. That's shipped BTW. The $88. In case you didn't get the BTTF reference. SOLD!
  13. madman

    f00kin' sale: Top Players Golf MVS for n00bs

    Lads...I have this parcel packed and can ship tomorrow. Lookie.... I don't want the ball ache of listing this on EBay, so here it is. No time wasters, you DON'T want to be on my radar... so you best listen. Nobody is bigger than the market... so read the RULES. I'm in chat if you need me...
  14. madman

    SOLD: HAS Supergun v2.1

    I've got a HAS Supergun v2.1 up for sale. I can't find his original thread about this particular rev, but I can send you the manual to see all the features. It has a lot of features, believe me, no supergun has features like this. This has so many features you'll be sick and tired of features...
  15. madman

    SCOOPED: Ninja Combat MVS Kit

    Looking to sell a Ninja Combat kit. Box is in average MVS kit condition, label is fine, only problem is a giant "packing list enclosed" envelope thing on the top. Cart and label in great shape, only issue would be some sticker residue on the bottom of the cart. You can probably goo gone that...
  16. madman

    What is your favorite Puzzle Bobble?

    I know it’s been done to death but it hasn’t been done in a while and I would like to see if it has changed in any way.
  17. madman

    MOAR FREE SHIT: Thrash Rally / Rally Chase CD (Chinese edition)

    Now I'mma break it down just to tell a little story, straight out the box from the grail category. A few years ago I scooped a CDZ on EBay, shit was mint as fuck, guy bought it from the Neostore BITD. PROVENANCE. Did he buy any SSDs? I don't know. It included a bunch of shit ass games like...
  18. madman

    OUT TO GET STUFF FOR FREE: Neo Geo Pin (raffle)

    If you got on your mommy's computer while she's got all--while she's out tricking on the corner you can enter this raffle. It's for one of these: I'll randomly choose a winner with a 20 sided die; everyone is welcome to enter, not everyone is welcome to win. If you don't like the rules, go to...
  19. madman

    SOLD: KOV Super Heroes Plus (PGM)

    I forgot I had this one left, but I've got a Knights of Valour Super Heroes Plus cart up for sale. It has a sheep nova special injket label taped on, but the cart shell itself is in nice condition. When I got this I upgraded it from v100 to v101, not sure what the differences are, but it's the...
  20. madman

    madman's grail emporium

    Thank you for stopping into madman's grail emporium, we are your one stop shop for all things retro gaming grail related. Keep your eyes peeled, you might just see some hidden gems too! -- G to the B to the A -- Castlevania Aria of Sorrow - 100% complete and mintier than a mojito. Even comes...