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  1. alphagamer

    Happy Birthday ratson!

    Have a good one (you old geezer) :D
  2. alphagamer

    Anyone had any luck reuniting mismatched kits?

    Would be nice to hear some stories against all odds.
  3. alphagamer


    Hachja, Google ワbersetzungen... musste schon schmunzeln
  4. alphagamer

    Is it worth owning multiple AES systems?

    Look what the caesar section revealed: I'm sorry for the birth defects, please take good care of it anyway.
  5. alphagamer

    The Big Day

    btw, no garbage disposal in euro sinks...
  6. alphagamer

    Was goennt Ihr Euch zu Weihnachten ?

    Sachen aus Schweden muss man doch meistens selber zusammenbauen...
  7. alphagamer

    Unbelievable Neo Geo Project!

    Me too, must be strong stuff...
  8. alphagamer

    DaFuq Apple

    Yep, reminded of the Fiat Multipla
  9. alphagamer

    Secret Santa 2015 Thread! Reveals start on post #142!

    Personalized ballpoint pens which tie my real name to my online alias, a Street Fighter II marquee aaaaaand .... A Pet Shop Boys DVD. And since I risk a ban by disliking my gift... That's really all I ever wanted, thanks Rot ;)
  10. alphagamer

    Avatar Santa Hats

    Here you go
  11. alphagamer

    Happy Birthday Ratson

    Make it a good one! :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
  12. alphagamer

    Have you ever reunited a mismatched Neo Geo Kit?

    Some time ago I was getting excited when I found another mismatched The Last Blade kit, but the last number wasn't a match. I have 015528 and the box was 015526 I guess. So close. :buttrock:
  13. alphagamer

    Trade: My Puzzle De Pon /R vs. Your Waku Waku 7 (both MVS)

    Short on cash right now, but worth a try, I guess. Original holo label in English, very good condition. Those who traded with me before know that I take good care of my stuff.
  14. alphagamer

    A horizontal 2 Slot? Just found on eBay. Is this a bootleg PCB or something very rare?
  15. alphagamer

    Asterix PCB for sale - 65€

    Original Konami Asterix PCB for sale, clean, fully working. 65 Euro plus shipping.
  16. alphagamer

    WTB: Blazing Star MVS

    Original label preferred, sellers based in Europe preferred, no boots. I already own a copy, this is meant as a gift for a friend.