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  1. thermaltreasure

    WTB: Zupapa! MVS Cart

    Currently looking out for a Zupapa MVS cartridge, have the following for trade, willing to combine, pay cash etc. Fighters History Dynamite (Japanese AES) Samurai Showdown IV (MVS) Black/Japanese label KOF 2002 (MVS) Green/Japanese label Can provide photos and further details also, Many...
  2. thermaltreasure

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Interested in these MVS titles (FF3/SS3), looking forward to hammering them over the next few months. GGXrd looks and sounds incredible, first fighter this gen to wow me.
  3. thermaltreasure

    What is Everybody Currently Playing? (Neo Geo)

    Did a quick search and couldn't find a 'currently playing thread'. Seeing as we all love buying and shelving shit lets talk about what we are actually playing at the moment in terms of Neo Geo. Mods should probably lock this if there is a particular reason for this kind of thread not existing or...
  4. thermaltreasure

    PGM IGS Errors/Missing Sprites/Beestorm

    Hi, I recently picked up a PGM IGS and a copy of Dodonpachi Beestorm but have had no luck in getting it to work correctly on my Pana/Sigma superguns. I致e cleaned the contacts on everything (both cart and system look new), tweaked the voltage to no avail. I get missing or garbled sprites at the...
  5. thermaltreasure

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Never spent much time with 98 (mainly played 94/95 MVS) so I figured it would be a great game to round off my small 5 to 6 game AES lot. Probably add a game from the Sengoku series next and then bow out. Hobby is fucked.