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  1. Big Bruno

    NG/SNK posters and cleaning

    So I renamed my thread. I went with a poster cleaning service in NY and sent two of my posters pictured below. Anyway this spawned another activity of me actually going through all my SNK/Neo Geo related posters. Since I am doing this anyway I though I would catalog them here for others to view...
  2. Big Bruno

    Geestore Neo Geo catalog from TGS 2010

    I did a quick search and did not see this posted so thought I would share. Geestore catalog I picked up the FF hat, NG shirt, cup, phone holder and strap at the show. Would not recommend the cup since it is just a clear cup with a print out in the middle but the rest is ok. Kinda pricy. does...
  3. Big Bruno

    WTT: various SNK card

    Figured I would see what is out there. Mainly right now I am looking for the KOF 2000-2001 cards needed: 2 20 27? (not sure if there are any card beyond 26 what i have to trade in this seris 1,3-6,8-12,16,19,22,24,25 i have several of the other cards sets as well. PM
  4. Big Bruno

    Oni-Con 5 Houston, TX Dec 19th-21st

    Well it is that time again. another convention. info below Back for Year 5 Just when I thought I would run out of room they gave me even more space to work with so I will be doing my best to fill it again with some of the widest variety of gaming nirvana from Japan I can come up with. New...
  5. Big Bruno

    Some Taito x2 info

    went through some pain on this so thought I would mention several months back I won an action on a x2 board it came with Aquarian Age which is a interactive card game. I actually had the...
  6. Big Bruno

    TGS anyone

    heading to japan for the TGS and a much needed vacation (tokyo and osaka) anyone else going?
  7. Big Bruno

    Pachislot problems

    well I just got back from a month being out of the country for work. I was excited when I got back since I order 3 pachislots (Fatal Fury, King Of Fighters and Jet Set radio) . I know why JSR, I was a hugh fan of this game on the dreamcast, spent many hours on it, did not like the xbox version...
  8. Big Bruno

    Make a SNK/Playmore Pachislot section

    even append it to the Hyper section
  9. Big Bruno

    The future Digital Downloads?

    I been thinking about this recently. putting the format wars aside I know there are several people who believe the Digital downloads is the new future. But I started to ask Myself, would I really prefer a digital Download format over DVD/BD/Nextgen ownership? I have downloaded titles on my...
  10. Big Bruno

    Get rid of/Combine the hyper forum

    Just a suggestion Since really how much can anyone really talk about a system with only around 7 games. Why don't you make a SNK Playmore supported arcade hardware section (of course the name needs work) and it can cover the Hyper\Taito Type x2 and atomiswave. Heck even pachislots and Neo...
  11. Big Bruno

    H.A.A.G. Expo Nov 30th - Dec 1st Hou,TX

    Just though I would post it out there The Houston Area Arcade Group Expo this year is Nov 30th - Dec 1st. I will usally bring a couple of my cabs and there will be a room full of classics as well. more info here
  12. Big Bruno

    Oni-Con 4 Houston, TX Oct 19th-21st 2007

    Alright, Another year another event, These year I have about 3 times the space for arcade and console gaming (6,000 sq ft) and there will also be a Taito Type X2 with KOF MI Regulation A, Neo Print, Several Cabs and of course console gaming. Full write up on tournaments can be found here...
  13. Big Bruno

    TGS Gathering? Toyko Game Show 9/21 - 9/23

    Hey, Heading out to Japan again this year and in talking to some of the Tokyo Crowd was wondering if anyway was game for a meetup. I will be there a little before and after as well. anyone else going???
  14. Big Bruno

    WTB: 2 slot Neo Print Board

    I have a pic I will post later. if anyone one has one please PM me :)
  15. Big Bruno

    The Elusive F1B-4P for Kizuna 4p

    Auction just ended I did not think it would go so high especial since the auction stated it as not to be verified as working and to treat as junk. Oh well this is the second one I have come across on Yahoo japan, I am sure there may be...
  16. Big Bruno

    Dec 1-2 Haag Arcade expo

    If you are in the Houston area there is a classic gaming show going on in Dec. basically it is a bunch of classic games and pinball. We are one of the sponsors. I will probably bring one of my cabs there. so if you enjoy classics come on out. here is the list...
  17. Big Bruno

    Neo Geo Home System w/ KOF94 Giveaway

    Get your attention :) This year at Oni-Con 3 Houston Oct-20-22 rules are here to be fair what I will do saturday if grab everyones badge and draw them at random for those wanting a chance at the system. Have not finialized the time but...
  18. Big Bruno

    Super Sidekick 2 NGM Versions differences

    Hey, Been cleaning out some of my extra neo stuff and noticed I had 2 versions of SSK2 (See pic) Super Sidekick 2 NGM anyway as you can see one has 2 chips in EP1&2 while the other just has a chip in p1. also the boards are different. I have not plugged them up to see what the differences...
  19. Big Bruno

    Big Bruno's Extra neo stuff sell

    OK, Cleaning house making some room and getting read of some extra stuff. I will some pics later. I ship priorty via the post office with tracking. if you want insurance be sure to ask for it :) I will take paypal as well. Shipping extra unless mentioned in price. Atomiswave MOBO with KOF...
  20. Big Bruno

    Houston, TX Oni-Con 2006 OCT 20-22 Gaming etc

    Here we Go again, this is the 3rd year and this year it is going to be awesome. I have a hugh room to setup for Console and arcade gaming as well as great sponsorship again from SNK-Capcom and VGMWorld for prizes to hand out for tournaments. Here is a list of cabs and game I am bringing. there...