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  1. defalt

    Biggest sony PVM

    Hello I've got no idea here I should put this, so I posted it here. I've just seen that there was a 45" PVM, the PVM-4300. Does anyone on here have one? Or a picture of one?
  2. defalt

    [WTB] MVS bootleg

    Hello I'd like to play Ghostlop on my mvs, but I don't want to sacrifice any original games so I'm looking for a boot. I'd prefer it to have PROGBK1 and CHA256 boards, but if they are other boards it may be fine too. I'm looking for a price around 20$ + shipping. Shipping would be to France...
  3. defalt

    Neotris, a new puzzle game for the Neo·Geo!

    Hello everyone, Neotris is a new Neo·Geo puzzle game, a Tetris-like that adds some new gameplay features, including a very, very special one I'll talk about in a bit. It is developed by FlashLogic/Totologic, a member of the Yaronet forums. I've met him a couple of times, at 2 conventions, the...
  4. defalt

    Did a MVS mahjong controller ever came out ?

    Hi Have we ever heard (or seen) such a device or cabinet ? There are lots of MVS mahjong carts available, so... what were they played with ?
  5. defalt

    [WTB] Shock Troopers poster / flyer

    Hello I am looking for a flyer/poster for Shock Troopers. If you have one, please PM me. I can pay with PayPal. I don't know what it is worth, so tell me your price.
  6. defalt

    Undumped Korean King of Fighters 2002

    Hello Just saw this on ebay: Probably undumped, Korean version (see P eprom).
  7. defalt

    [WTB] Not working or cheap KoF 97

    Hello I am looking for a KoF 97 as cheap as possible. The cart may even be in the worst possible condition, I don't care. It is only to reverse engineer the CHA board so I can try to make one that can handle 1024 megs for a possible future homebrew project. 70$+shipping maximum. I am in France...
  8. defalt

    Mystic Man, a new unreleased game or alt. title??

    Hello While browsing the Internet seeking info about Mystic Wand, I have seen some websites mentioning another game called "Mystic Man". Does anyone know something about it? Is it an alternative name for the same game? A pre/sequel? :scratch:
  9. defalt

    World Heroes Perfect: repair or proto?

    AS: I don't really know where this thread belong, so mods, please move it if needed Hello I recently bought this WHP on ebay: And the P1/P2/EP1/EP2/S1 are EPROMs and M1 is an OTP PROM. Moreover the serial is pretty low (98). i believe it is a location test...
  10. defalt

    [WTB] V-Liner or JGP original PCBs

    Hello I am looking for original V-Liner or JGP PCBs as I am trying to make a development PCB that would be functionnally identical to the ones SNK used to create their own games, and I believe the dip switches on the BrezzaSoft boards are wired the same way as in these dev carts. I'd prefer to...
  11. defalt

    [SCAM ALERT] Ebay seller jp-goods

    Hello everyone, For some months, ebay seller jp-goods listed some resealed games, but now he started selling conversions as originals. Some of you might already be aware of his fraudulous sales but I think posting a thread here can protect some people from his scams. Fake seals...