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  1. MKL

    CRT Fetish Thread

    You see that magnet? There's one on the bottom too. That's where you need to place and eventually glue your magnet.
  2. MKL

    CRT Fetish Thread

    On CRTs. These are the magnets you find on top and bottom of yokes. They can be cut so when I need it I just slice them.
  3. MKL

    Early NEO-AES board bad jailbars can't find a fix.

    That system originally had the daughterboard as that insulator shows. Someone removed it and perhaps didn't do it right.
  4. MKL

    CRT Fetish Thread

    That kind of distortion (called seagull) is due to an imperfect correction of the south pincushion by the relative magnet located on the bottom of the deflection yoke (101 in the pic below). At the factory this distortion was deemed tolerable or else they would have tried to modify the magnetic...
  5. MKL

    CRT Monitor Jumps

    It's the Zenith version of the K7000, also known as the K7000A. It's almost identical to the Wells Gardner version except for a few changes in the horizontal deflection, the flyback in particular. The screen pictures we're supposed to compare to each other aren't very helpful but the other...
  6. MKL

    Restoring csync on AES 3-6 revision?

    Composite video is lost and both pin 3 and 7 on the DIN port are composite sync. If you want to have both csync and cvideo you need to add a 470u cap and 75 ohm resistor for csync.
  7. MKL

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Must be the PIN DAMPER diodes here: It's the modulation diode circuit on the east west correction signal coming from the PIN OUT transistor Q503 (not shown above) before being injected in the horizontal yoke. Same problem on a different monitor...
  8. MKL

    The audio issue of AES revision 3-4

    A few years ago, after buying a system from me, the customer (who considered himself an audiophile) complained that he could hear a buzzing noise coming from his TV speakers as well as from the headphone jack. He also mentioned that he had a low serial system that didn't have that issue at all...
  9. MKL

    How to convert a MVS board into Jamma

    As is known MVS multi-slot boards aren't fully Jamma compliant. The most notable differences are: - stereo on the edge connector (MVS) vs mono (Jamma) - test pin at Jamma M (MVS) vs test pin at Jamma 15 (Jamma) Then we have the select button (jamma 26/d) but this isn't as big a difference...
  10. MKL

    unsticky this! jameco stopped stocking those power supplies like two years ago, the clown mod that was going to arrange that group purchase has disappeared since about the same time and that thing is still stickied in the tech forum.
  11. MKL

    FS: custom white dust & shaft covers for Seimitsu LS-32 stick

    Custom white plastic dust and shaft covers for Seimitsu LS-32 stick. Dust cover is 1.5mm thick and has a diameter of 39mm (stock cover is 38mm). Edge is slightly slanted. Diameter of shaft cover is 12mm. Custom shaft cover doesn't fit stock dust cover (of course). 5 available. 6 euros...
  12. MKL

    A different attenuation circuit

    Sanwa makes a Jamma RGB to NTSC converter to help recording videos from a cab. It's called VC-J and also has an audio attenuation circuit with volume adjustment that works fine even with those boards (Cave SH-3, etc.) that have issues with the other attenuation circuit the people here know and...
  13. MKL

    Puzzle Bobble MVS kit

    The kit is complete, 100% original and working. €70 shipped worldwide.
  14. MKL

    Consolized Naomi system

    Upon request here's a detailed survey of a Naomi consolization project I did some time ago. It shows how it is possible to rig up a Naomi home setup that isn't an unsightly mess of parts, bits and wires all over the place. Despite being often considered problematic to deal with, Naomi is...
  15. MKL

    Weird MVS names: Bang Progress and Concorde B. Star Anyone seen these before? Special titles (but why??) only for...
  16. MKL BAD seller: Arcademigo

    This guy sells MVS (and other arcade) stuff on the German (and also Austrian) ebay. This is my transaction with him: 12-19-2005 I win ebay seller Arcademigo's auction:
  17. MKL

    NAM-1975 MVS

    I need a NAM-1975 MVS cart. I don't care about the condition but it must be original and working. I can give you cash (paypal) or one of the following carts, all original and working: Puzzle Bobble Goal! Goal! Goal! Fatal Fury Special Aero Fighters 2
  18. MKL

    Question about VEGA superguns

    As far as I know, Vega superguns have a RCA jack for composite out, a 4-pin mini DIN jack for s-video and an 8-pin DIN socket for RGB out. Is this correct? If so, can anyone confirm the 8-pin socket is ONLY for RGB out and not also composite (as on the AES)?
  19. MKL


    I'm selling an original Blood Bros. PCB by Tad corp. The board is very clean, tested and working: EUR 79,00 shipped to Europe (priority mail) EUR 85,00 shipped worldwide (priority mail) Preferred method of payment: Paypal (I'm verified)