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  1. kahel

    So my friend brought his kids to play with my HTC Vive but they ended up on the Neo Geo!

    Seem like King of the Monster 2 and Metal Slug are more interesting then VR . Poor kid saw my console collection and wanted to play with the Jaguar cause it looked cool . After being dissapointed with Tempest 2000 and the aweful jaguar controller, i took out the neogeo controllers and...
  2. kahel

    FF: MOTW Dreamcast boot issue

    To put this to rest ... MOTW does work in VGA on the Dreamcast Here you can see it in 480p thru my VGA cable.
  3. kahel


    Been playing Twinkle Star Sprites on my Saturn and i really love the game . I have been hoping to see it for sale but haven't had any luck so far . I am really hoping to have a chance to play it on the original hardware . Condition and label not really important because i just want to play...
  4. kahel

    2 Weird Wires under my MV1-FZ1S

    I bought a MV1-FZS and there are 2 wires running under it from the bios to the secondary board connections. When i received the board the BIOS was not a authentic BIOS , it was a programmed eprom with a window and a sticker written SF2 on it . So i am wondering if the wires are for some kind...
  5. kahel

    Sega Saturn / Rhea

    I had a chance to get a Rhea from the first production run and i just wanted to share how awesome it is and how happy i am with it. For those who don't know , Rhea is the latest project from the creator of the GDEMU. It is a small pcb that replaces your Saturn (20 pin models for now) CD-ROM...
  6. kahel

    I received today...

    I received this awesome piece of hardware to play all my arcade PCB. It a really nice upgrade from my smallcab. James did an incredible job building it , his service is top notch. I recommend a JNX to anyone looking for a supergun.
  7. kahel

    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    I am pretty new to modding so this thread was really awesome to get an idea of what the work of the pros look like. I have been able to do 2 mods so far ... Modified my N64 for RGB and did the composite mod on a Atari 2600. Here the end result , forgot to take a pic inside. It really...
  8. kahel

    I received today...

    A big thank you to Mike (mjmjr25) who helped me get a game that i have been looking for awhile now ! Really happy to add this one .
  9. kahel

    WTB Sega 32X

    **FOUND** Thanks to KalessinDB
  10. kahel

    Neo SNK ARCADE MVS Magic Key

    If you are curious on how this POS is built or can see why the audio would not work properly on it . Here are the pic of the boards.
  11. kahel

    GDEMU is taking request again!

    If you were waiting on buying a GDEMU for your dreamcast , the ordering e-mail is back up. He answered my request and put me on the list. Just letting you know because he did not post on his main page that it was back up.
  12. kahel

    Kahel's collection

    Been a long time Neo Geo fan but only been able to start collecting Neo stuff since last year. Shockboxed MVS Cart AES Homecarts, Loose MVS and MS4 Kit My consoles Part 1 My consoles Part 2 My lonely 3DO with my 13" PVM
  13. kahel

    WTB: Akumajou Dracula for X68000

    It the last Castlevania i need to finish my collection. I know it gonna be expensive but hey it the last one that i am missing.. And no i don't count Kid Dracula has a castlevania game!
  14. kahel

    Taito F3 + Supergun + X-RGB Mini = Shaky Image

    I could really need some help or some explaination on why i am getting a shaky image. The Image shake up and down very rapidly. English is not my main language so it hard to explain . Here is the equipment : -Taito F3 (JPN) with Bubble Memories. -Supergun : Smallcab Deluxe -XRGB-Mini The...
  15. kahel

    WTB Sengoku 3

    Found , Thank you
  16. kahel

    WTB : Attack of the mutant penguins [Atari Jaguar] - Cart only

    Please help me stop the mutant penguins from tipping the doom scale. I am looking for a cart of "Attack of the mutant penguins" on the Atari Jaguar. I want it to play it so only the cart is perfect for me. I don't want to pay Sealed box price like those on E-Bay. Thank you for looking.