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  1. hanafuda

    So, 3D TVs...

    I was passing through Bik Camera today and they had a big demo of 3D TVs on so I couldn't pass up the opportunity as I have been curious about them for a while now. I only had a very short time as I was coming to the end of my lunch break, but got to check out two offerings: They have TVs from...
  2. hanafuda

    Replay a Classic: Silent Hill 2

    Spoilers ensue. So we are moving and in the mess I hooked up my B/C PS3 to the 1080p TV. Full upscaling, sound set to Stereo Headphones in game and using optical cable surround headphones. I've just got to the save point after the clock in the apartments. Anyone feel like playing this...
  3. hanafuda

    Weekly Roundup ~11th April

    PS3 God of War Yakuza 4 God of War II Uncharted 2 (online) PSP Patchwork Heroes Arcade Double Dragon. Was the best arcade session I have had for years. An old friend of mine and I hit the local arcade, and after abandoning the attempt to play some awesome looking Gundam thing in a huge...
  4. hanafuda

    Peace Walker

    After several delays the launch has now crept up on me. I'm also relieved to see the PSN download version is going to be available too, so my PSP Go can get some more love.
  5. hanafuda

    Thunder Force V

    I got this off PSN a few weeks ago and dropped it on the PS3 and PSP. I've been playing it a ton. Particularly on the PSP. I play it in upscaled mode on both systems and freaking love it. I can now get to the final boss (?) on one credit but haven't got a clue what I'm doing, and am still...
  6. hanafuda

    Taking a pet on a plane?

    Does anyone have any advice / experience with this? We will have to take our cat on a long journey and we have 2 options: He goes on a 90 minute plane flight with my wife. He goes on a very long car / car on ferry trip with me. If anyone has anything to contribute please do.
  7. hanafuda

    Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

    I've never gotten into the series, but this looks pretty good.
  8. hanafuda

    Weekly Roundup To 14th March

    PS3 Heavy Rain Prince of Persia Resistance 2 PixelJunk Eden Encore Thunder Force V PSP Thunder Force V Socom FTB3 Incidentally, my best performance on Thunder Force V so far is getting to the Stage 4 boss on 1 credit. I really need to learn his patterns though as his sword is most certainly...
  9. hanafuda

    J League Football

    Anyone follow this? I've lived next door to Nissan Stadium for 3 years and never been. There is a home game today so figure I might go.
  10. hanafuda

    F1 yeaaaaaaah

    So I only half follow this but I think this season could be a laugh. Looking forward to the Button / Hamilton bitch fights as they try to blame each other for being average drivers who happen to not be in the fastest car this year.
  11. hanafuda

    Thunderforce V up on JPN PSN

    Never played it. Any good?
  12. hanafuda

    God of War III
  13. hanafuda

    Patchwork Heroes for PSP

    AKA 100 man ton no bara bara I've had my eye on this since first announced as being something that looks quirky but potentially pretty excellent too. There's a demo out on the JPN PSN now too, with 3 stages to get through. It's pretty cool, and...
  14. hanafuda

    After Burner Climax

    For XBOX Live and PSN. Apparently only 900 Yen on PSN so Ill probably pick this up. Is it really developed by Bungie?
  15. hanafuda

    Weekly Round Up ~17 January

    This time I thought I could revolutionise the format by including a, 'What you plan to be playing next week' section for anyone looking forward to playing something new, a plan to play something specific for whatever reason etc. PS3 A load of Resistance 2 rank matches Some Nobi Nobi Boy and...
  16. hanafuda

    Teabagging - Do You Do It?

    Do you teabag in online video games? I'm not asking what you get up to in real life..
  17. hanafuda

    Resistance 2 Competitive

    Anyone up for competitive? I'm playing it a lot.
  18. hanafuda

    Anyone get Darius Burst?

  19. hanafuda

    Weekly Gaming Roundup to 20th December

    PS3 Final Fantasy XIII. Only about 2 hours in, but happy with it so far. No noticable loading once you start a game, seamless transfers between gameplay and cut scenes, the kind of visuals and audio you would expect from such a high profile title. Gameplay seems to have progressed a bit but...
  20. hanafuda

    Mirror's Edge - is it ass?

    So I got this on budget last week. I like what it is aiming for, but I'm not feeling it. Getting a bit sick of the trial and error gameplay. Should I stick with it?