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  1. NeoField

    WTB - NeoSaveMasta - black

    Anyone have one for sale, please PM me, thank you!
  2. NeoField

    Neo Geo AES HDMI mod with Scanlines?

    Hi all, I own a Neo Geo AES with the OSSC that is hooked up to my main TV. I have a few friends that I visit often and bring the console with me. It is a pain to unhook the system given my media center setup so I plan to buy another AES console. I saw this magnificent AES on ebay that has...
  3. NeoField

    Unibios easy super moves???

    Hey guys, recently purchased Real Bout Special and noticed a cheat code for "easy super moves" in the unibios. Any idea how to perform the easy super moves??? Think I saw the same cheat in another game or two as well, just not sure what buttons to press to activate it. Thanks!
  4. NeoField

    NeoField's AES Collection

    My quaint Neo Geo AES Collection that I play in my stoner garage.
  5. NeoField

    Anyone going to the SoCal Retro Gaming Expo???

    Just curious if anyone else is going to this?
  6. NeoField

    Why couldn't the PSX handle Neo Geo games well???

    I remember playing Samurai Shodown 3 on the original PSX back when I was a kid and absolutely loved it... then 20 years later I played it next to the Neo Geo AES version and was shocked how terrible the PSX one was. Looking back almost every Neo Geo port sucked on the PSX, just curious was the...
  7. NeoField

    Using UNIBIOS can you change health in Fighting Games???

    I love playing any of the samurai fighting games such as Last Blade or any of the Samurai Shodown series. I recently received the unibios and was curious if there is a way or patch to change the life meter amount? Example: Is there a way to make it so the match starts with both players already...
  8. NeoField

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Been an amazing Christmas, Thanks to StaticX for selling this to me! Couldn't be happier!
  9. NeoField

    Neo Geo Daedalus converter, some games wont work, amp voltage???

    Hi all, having a strange problem with my Daedalus converter and certain games. I am using a 5v USA Neo Geo AES and have read that it can be touchy with my particular system. So first tried the converter with my stock power supply and no games would work. I was told to try a power supply with a...
  10. NeoField

    Any other games have the "ring out" like Real Bout???

    I love Real Bout Fatal Fury due to the "ring out" feature. Do anyone happen to know of any other 2D fighters that have this type of feature?
  11. NeoField

    Neo Geo AES Graphics Glitches with all games

    Hi all, my Neo Geo AES is having some strange Graphics Glitches with every game.The games eventually work but I️ usually have to reset the system a dozen times before they work properly. I have cleaned each cartridge and the console using Isopropyl 90 and a toothbrush, also a credit card with...
  12. NeoField

    Neo Geo AES MVS Adapter with 161 not working, 5v

    Good day all, I have an early USA Neo Geo AES 5v system and cannot get my Neo Geo MVS to AES converter to work properly with the 161 cart. I purchased one of the cheap Spanish mvs converters and have been able to get it to work maybe 1 out of 100 times, but when I selected a game, it will...
  13. NeoField

    Any from SOCAL can install Unibios for me?

    Hi all, any board members in Socal who could help me install the Unibios on my AES? Will be happy to pay. Thank you!
  14. NeoField

    Has anyone tried the Retrovision component cables?

    Hi all, Has anyone tried the Retrovision component cables on their Neo Geo AES? Just curious to hear a review if they are worth the price or would it be better just to get my system modded.
  15. NeoField

    Neo Geo AES screen tearing issue?

    Hi all, I recently acquired a Neo Geo AES and purchased composite cables for it. When I plug it in and start a game, there is a strange screen tear toward the top of the screen. Its a thin line but looks strange. I have tried the AES on two different TV's with the same issue. Any ideas? Thank you!
  16. NeoField

    New MVS to AES Converter???

    Has anyone seen this version before?
  17. NeoField

    Neo Geo AES Power Supply USA

    Hi there, recently picked up a USA Neo Geo AES that did not come with a power supply. I purchased one off this site below and it works, but the audio coming from the headphone jack has a loud buzzing sound coming from it. Does anyone have an actual SNK Power Supply for a USA Neo Geo AES? Thank...
  18. NeoField

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Hi all, new to the forum, recently picked up my first Neo Geo AES system! I always wanted to buy one but could never afford it. Now I am in my thirties and was able to pick up a Gold System! Really glad to be apart of the community!