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  1. BigFred

    Bullied kid gets PAYBACK! (Update Post 114)

    TJCiwYyxYGo Seriously that little twat got what he deserved. Apparently they were 16, they don't look it.
  2. BigFred

    Spider venom better than Viagra? The more you know....
  3. BigFred

    Jetsons inspires "Flying Car" I want 2. A flying car inspired by The Jetsons will soon become a reality after its maker was given a special weight exemption from seppo aviation officials. Despite being 54kg over the limit, the two-seater Terrafugia Transition has been...
  4. BigFred

    Fortification Under Consent of the King

    Ok, so I was quite intrigued when a work mate told me the originations of the word "Fuck". But I didn't believe that it originated from medievil times, so I did some searching. I did come across this in my search - Then I tried wikipedia -...
  5. BigFred

    Ipod Nano - Can someone help?

    I don't own an iPod and never have. But I work in an electronic store and I need to know how this shit works so: Here's what I've been told. With most MP3 players (iPod excluded) you link it to your computer via a USB cable. The computer usually automatically detects the "player" as removable...
  6. BigFred

    Tekken 5 - Final Time Release character confirmed

    People have been waiting months for the final time release character. Did you actually believe a bomb could kill this man. That's right ..... Heihachi Mishima returns.
  7. BigFred

    RB2 Geese

    I'm having trouble finding a decent RB2 guide. Anyway, the guide I have mentions Geese having the following string combo: f+A,C,spd+A Is it possible? Another question, does Geese have any other special moves other than: qcb+A/C spd+A hcf+A/B/C
  8. BigFred

    Anybody good at RBS?

    I'm trying to get good at using Yamazaki, I know all of his special attacks and how to perform them, but just can't find a strategy which works every time. Most of my matches end in me snake taming my opponent to death, I need a bit more than just that. His projectile reflector doesn't seem to...
  9. BigFred

    Is Geese Howard dead?

    I thought he was killed for good in Real Bout 1. Then I see a whole bunch of KoF topics about him being in KoF 2002. I know he made an appearance as a special striker in KoF 2000 I think. So what's the go, is he alive or isn't he?
  10. BigFred

    What's the go with Terry's monkey?

    I don't get it. I think the monkey first appeared in Fatal Fury 3 in Terry's stage. It also made small appearances in the Real Bout games. Anyway it basically came out of nowhere, anybody know the monkey's origin? Is it just Terry's pet?
  11. BigFred

    Duck King's Supers

    I'm having trouble performing Duck King's Supers in Real Bout Special and Real Bout 2. I'm referring to his P.Power. In RBS his P.Power is d,d+ABC then you hold d+ABC to charge for maximum effect. Anyway I know the Deadly Duck Rave can only be done at level 4 of the Duck Dance but what about...
  12. BigFred

    No plane shifting in Garou: MOTW

    I've been wondering this for a while now. Sorry if it's already been posted or if I'm posting it in the wrong area. Anyway, why is there no plane shifting in Garou: MOTW? The one thing which made Fatal Fury games unique was the ability to switch planes during a fight. It gave the 2D game a 3D...
  13. BigFred


    Didn't know where the correct place to post this was but anyway...Where can I download mp3 or wav files for some SNK fighters? I'm particularly after Real Bout and KOF music files. Duck King's music is also a top preference.