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  1. leGionellz

    Modding neo geo hori fighting stick

    Hi all, I have a hori fighting stick which i want to mod with sanwa parts. In an old thread I read the 30mm buttons will do, is that correct ? And which stick can be used ? Thanks
  2. leGionellz

    WTB: 2 hori fighting sticks

    The closer to Europe/Holland, the better. Cheers
  3. leGionellz

    4 button control panel for a super neo 29

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a 4 button control panel (2 players) for my super neo 29. If anyone has one, or knows where to get one, please let me know. Thanks
  4. leGionellz

    Hoeveel Nederlanders hebben we hier en wat speelt/verzamelt iedereen ?

    Nu we een eigen forum hebben, ben ik hier wel benieuwd naar. Ik start: 1 AES: zo een 35 carts, alle KOF's, FF's, slug 1 en 2, SS 1 tm 4, en nog wat. Ben al fan vanaf het eerste uur maar heb pas een jaar of 7 een neo. Was vroeger te duur :mr_t:
  5. leGionellz

    WTB Metal SLug X Jap AES

    Doesn't have to be super mint, since I'm not willing to pay top price, but if you're considering to sell your copy for a decent price, please let me know. Thanks
  6. leGionellz

    Going to visit Detroit 10-19 june, any suggestions ?

    Hi everyone, Next week I'll be flying off to Detroit, not really for holidays, but I'll have plenty of time to spend anyways. What's hot in Detroit ? Any good parties coming up ? Any places I should visit ? If you have some tips, please share them ! Thanks
  7. leGionellz

    Please reopen the "how do I get girls to like me" thread.

    :buttrock: RESPECT :buttrock: Thanks
  8. leGionellz

    roms < the real thing, for me it's proven now

    Yesterday I bought me a new tv set, a 32 inch sony wega. I live in Europe, so I was finally able to hook my ngh to a decent tv that supports RGB. I can only say one thing, it's fucking awesome. I hooked up my xbox as well, played some neo roms, but the real thing is just so much better...
  9. leGionellz

    Looking for World Heroes perfect AES|JP

    Hi all, I'm looking for a nicely priced Jap WHP. If you have one you'd like to part with, please send me an offer incl. shipping to The Netherlands. Thanks in advance !
  10. leGionellz

    Looking for a NES toploader

    Hi, I'm looking for a NES toploader with all cables and 2 joypads. please let me know if you have one. Thanks !
  11. leGionellz

    Looking for: Jap Baseball stars 2, US viewpoint

    Hi all, I'm looking for these two games, if you have any available for a decent price, please let me know. Thanks !
  12. leGionellz

    game manual/story/etc ? section

    I was playing Blazing star the other day and when finishing it, I read about some extremely stupid but fun story which is unfold in the end demo. Now I collect and play only japanese games and therfore I have no idea what stories are involved in most of them. The only thing that gives me a hint...
  13. leGionellz

    looking for a couple of regular JAP home carts

    Baseball stars 2 Soccer Brawl cyber lip dunk dreams ghost pilots league bowling magician lord Looking for a couple of them in one shipment for a nice price. Cheers, LeGionellz
  14. leGionellz

    For those who dealt with Aaron Lewis, I need some info.

    Hi guys, sorry for posting more crap about this idiot, but I'm trying to deal with this fucked up situation. Please do go on with your life if you're not concerned in any way, I know Aaron Lewis topics are (getting) old (really fast). Like the topic says, I need some info on a few issues. For...
  15. leGionellz

    urgent question about a 33" sit-down cab

    Hi all, I have an urgent question about such a cab. I have the opportunity of buying a new one of this type, but I need to know one thing. Can I take it apart into seperate parts ? As a whole I would never be able to get it into my house (second floor of an old house in Amsterdam). So.. I...
  16. leGionellz

    Want to trade a MAS stick for some MVS carts I have left

    I'm looking for a stick such as in TheWorm2's selling post. I would like to trade one for some MVS carts which I have left (I am an NGH player and I have these titles on ngh format as well, so I figured they'd be a nice trade items) Slug X AOF3 kit complete Zupapa kit complete WHP Puzzled If...
  17. leGionellz

    mooks/neo geo freak mags

    Hello, I'm looking for mooks and/or ngf mags Anyone with a reasonable offer, please send me a pm :) Thanks !
  18. leGionellz

    wanted: package deal of some very common Jap NGH games

    Hi All, I'm would like to buy a couple of these games in one package deal: Super Sidekicks 2 Super Sidekicks 3 ASO 2 KOTM 2 Samurai Spirits 2 cyber lip dunk dreams eight man kof 96 and or 97 league bowling magician lord baseball 2020 baseball stars 2 soccer brawl Couple of these are titles...
  19. leGionellz

    Last blade 2 worth it when you already have part 1 ?

    I have been playing Last Blade for quite a while now and I just can't grow tired of it. It's so well made and there's so many things to learn. It's just crazyness. So I really fell in love with part one. Now of course I will need part 2 as well, but I'm wondering, having read the various...
  20. leGionellz

    Looking for a JAP AES Last Blade 2

    Hi, I'm looking for this game, for a reasonable price. Pm or mail me if you have one for sale. thanks