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  1. BoriquaSNK

    Primary Season: The fun begins

    So, any other political junkies psyched up about the primary season? Here are the races I'm watching. Pennsylvania Democratic: Arlen Specter (D, PA) vs Joe Sestak (D, PA) Arlen, former liberal-republican-cum-opportunistic-democrat is absolutely neck and neck with Sestak, a formal Navy...
  2. BoriquaSNK

    The Mac Apps Thread: Useful tools for Macs/iPhone/Etc.

    It's been a while since we've had a Mac user powwow on, so I thought I'd see what fellow Mac peeps are using to get work done. Dragoman - by Creativebe For: OS X This app has been a godsend for me lately. It's a batch file converter, and while there are literally hundreds of these for...
  3. BoriquaSNK

    iPad: who got one?

    Well, I got up at 5 am and decided to take the plunge. I live across the street from an Apple store in NoVA, so I just rolled out of bed and went outside. Like other Apple launches, the line was a lot of fun. I met a bunch of fun people, a little geek camaraderie ensued, the usual. Anyway...
  4. BoriquaSNK

    FS: US Metal Slug MVS, Red/Black Shockboxes, Old Style Stick

    Hey all, looking to retire the last of my MVS relics. US Metal Slug MVS - $55 Shipped, w/Shockbox $60 shipped. Red Shockbox - $10 shipped Black Shockbox - $10 shipped Old Style Stick (Gamer Condition, Cracked ball but great overall) - $50 shipped Everything for $100 shipped!
  5. BoriquaSNK

    American Politics, How to Become Apathetic

    I'm gonna rant for a little bit, and hope some decent discussion comes out of it. Pardon me. I've been a member here for a while, probably seven years now, and for those that know me I've definitely been a vocal one, for better or for worse. I've definitely calmed down over the past year or...
  6. BoriquaSNK

    DC Snopocalypse

    Is anyone other than wasabi and I feeling the hurt from this? Don't get me wrong, I love me some snow, but DC wasn't built to handle this much and everyone here freaks out at the first sign of slush on the road...let alone 20 inches.
  7. BoriquaSNK

    Google Chrome OS - Anybody interested?

    Google just finished their presentation on their forthcoming flavor or linux and it was pretty damned interesting. For those that didn't follow it, here are a few take aways: - All applications and data will be stored in "the cloud", i.e. at Google. - The file system is encrypted...
  8. BoriquaSNK

    The Skeptics Thread

    Thought it might be interesting to hear how many of us on these boards are of the Atheist, Agnostic, and Skeptic variety. Not trying to dole out flame bait, just curious. I "came out" as an atheist to a few of my friends at dinner a couple of months ago and was absolutely astounded at just how...
  9. BoriquaSNK

    Neo-Geo Photographers Thread

    Howdy all, One of the bigger hobbies I've gotten into for the past year and a half has been photography...specifically reportage, nature, and architectural photography. Anybody else here into the most expensive hobby this side of Neo collecting? Post your equipment, tips, tricks, and Flickr...
  10. BoriquaSNK

    Good Sci Fi

    So the gf and I have just finished Battlestar (I know I know) and are looking for movies and teevee shows that have a similar look and feel to them. A few great films I've seen lately: Sunshine: Just fantastic The Hidden: Cheesy as hell, but it has brain slugs Event Horizon: Just caught it...
  11. BoriquaSNK

    Windows 7: Thoughts, Tips, Etc.

    Searched around and couldn't find anything of substance on the issue, so I thought I'd get a conversation started since it's been so long. Anyone playing around with it? Any thoughts? I've been virtualizing 7 and have installed it on a Boot Camp partition as well, though that does some...
  12. BoriquaSNK

    FS/T: Like New Wii w/ No More Heroes and Strongbad

    Hey all. So I've used this Wii a total of maybe 4 times and I'm not impressed. I'd like to get rid of the Wii (late model w/ silicone Wiimote sleeve), No More Heroes, and 3rd party component cables for about $280 + shipping. I'm really looking to trade for some cool stuff though, so here's my...
  13. BoriquaSNK

    The Electoral College Map

    Dunno if this deserves its own thread as it's less about policy than strategy, but this year the electoral college is really really interesting as far as possibilities go. So, here is a link to CNN's electoral map. It's actually a pretty decent tool for parsing possibilities. Using this tool...
  14. BoriquaSNK

    Anyone picking up the Android Phone next month?

    The G1 looks pretty interesting, I'm gonna see if I can snag one unlocked and play around with it next month. Assuming the development will work as promised...there should be an unlock app available pretty soon through the Android Marketplace. I'd love to see how it holds up against my beloved 3G.
  15. BoriquaSNK

    iPhone 3G - Who's Taking the Plunge This Friday?

    *Raises Hand* Who else is in?
  16. BoriquaSNK

    Feedback on new blog

    Hey guys, it's been a while. Last year I started a political blog with wasabi and Bobak helping out, and while it was a lot of fun it was pretty cumbersome to maintain and fairly limiting in what I could actually do. So fast forward, I truly miss blogging, and have begun working on a new site...
  17. BoriquaSNK

    Geekness 9,000: Multi Touch Missile Command

    just thought this was fucking cool. I want one of these so bad, methinks M$ Surface could pull this off beautifully.
  18. BoriquaSNK

    Veep Picks - McCain and Obama

    I figure this has nothing to do with the primaries, and thus may warrant its own thread. I'll leave that to the mods. Now that the race on the Democratic side is over, and now that both the RNC and DNC are sharpening their respective sticks for the general, who could have a chance at the least...
  19. BoriquaSNK

    Apple Store Fair Oaks, VA - Come Check it Out!

    For the past few months it's been an absolutely insane run-on sentence, but I'm finally opening my new store! After making a clean break from a soulless K-Street job working on the wrong side of the aisle to, of all things, Apple retail management...I can now officially say we're opening this...
  20. BoriquaSNK

    Apple Releases iPhone/iPod Touch SDK Today: for free

    Steve just announced a full-fledged SDK to be released today for free to all interested parties. A few facts: -The SDK utilizes OS X's Cocoa language, but it has been tweaked for Multi Touch, so henceforth, it is called Cocoa Touch. -It utilizes Core Audio, Core Video, and Core Animation from...