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  1. Mr. Mort

    Z80 Error - Hardware Test Failed

    So I have an Omega I got from ArcadeWorks back in 2016. This is what I get when powering it on without a cart in the slot. I don't have any soldering tools or skills to attempt a repair myself. Can anyone recommend someone reputable to repair it, or have any idea what the issue might be? Any...
  2. Mr. Mort

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves coming to PS4 / Vita

    I fired this up on the PS4 for the first time tonight. I was messing around in the practice mode. I did Dong Whan's P-power move (the triple-fireball one). Halfway through the super the graphics got garbled for a split-second, and I got this: Wasn't expecting that. Does this also happen on...
  3. Mr. Mort

    Noob question about backup RAM

    Ok, dumb question: What kind of data is stored in the backup RAM? What is it's role in the overall MVS hardware? The reason I ask is that I occasionally have games act very strangely or glitch, and the only way I can seem to correct the issue is by clearing the backup RAM on the hardware test...
  4. Mr. Mort

    ***SOLD*** Bust-A-Move Again MVS

    I got this off another forum member here a while back, and I'm really not playing it as much as I thought I would. Original holo label is a little roughed up on one edge. Cart has some light scratches on it, but in otherwise good shape. Asking for $100.00 shipped, or trade towards MS5 or MOTW...
  5. Mr. Mort

    NES enthusiast thread

    The Saturn and the NES are easily my favourite systems. Here's most of all my NES games. I do have some that are waiting to be cleaned before I add them to the shelf. I used to have more, but got rid of a few that didn't have any nostalgic value for me once I got my Everdrive. I'm a huge Ninja...
  6. Mr. Mort

    Saturn to Sony PVM noob question

    I recently acquired 2 PVM's. One is a small PVM-1271Q, and the other is a larger PVM-1943MD. I'd like to test them out by hooking up my NTSC Saturn via RGB/Scart, but I know next to nothing about these video standards. I've done a little research, and I'm thinking these 2 cables will get the...
  7. Mr. Mort

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I wasn't in the market for these because I didn't want to fall into this rabbit hole, but they were both free, so I couldn't argue with the price. The problem is, I have no idea how to get my consoles hooked up to these. The bigger one has an S-Video connector, so I was able to test it with my...
  8. Mr. Mort

    MS Paint - Neo Geo Game Edition Redux!!

    I'll play, tho this one should be painfully obvious:
  9. Mr. Mort

    *NEW* Podcast episode featuring the Neo & interview with shadowkn55 (03-22-14)

    My friends and I have had a retro gaming podcast for the past year and a half. It's called Retro Game Squad. This month, we have a special episode about the Neo. Since we only publish once a month, our episodes are usually pretty long, but this one is especially long because of all the...