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  1. Yodd

    SNES2Neo ultra low latency SNES to Neo Geo adapter

    The SNES2Neo is back in stock at Stone Age Gamer:
  2. Yodd

    SNES2Neo ultra low latency SNES to Neo Geo adapter

    1 hour until they go on sale.
  3. Yodd

    SNES2Neo ultra low latency SNES to Neo Geo adapter

    Hi folks, long time no talk. I have designed an ultra low latency Super Nintendo to Neo Geo adapter. You can use virtually all wired or wireless SNES controllers with it. Works on AES, CD and even CMVS systems. Superguns too as it supports 6 buttons. It goes on sale on March 22nd at 12pm/noon...
  4. Yodd

    OSSC replacement cases

    Hola! With the launch of my design shop, Retro Frog, I have just recently released a replacement case for the OSSC. Available in matte black and includes the hardware to assemble them. Ventilation top and bottom of the case to keep...
  5. Yodd

    NeoSaveKeepa - a case for your NeoSaveMasta memory card

    Hola! I've designed this 3d printable case for the NeoSaveMasta memory cards that Turfy builds. It has a steel hinge pin and magnets in each corner to keep it securely closed. I've shipped a couple off to Turf for his thoughts on the fitment of the NSM and to see how well his older cards...
  6. Yodd

    Retro Frog - 3d printed solutions for retro consoles and computers

    Hiya folks! I have opened up my own design shop: I've designed a couple upgrades for the Gamecube and the original Xbox to start with. You can purchase these directly from my website. Expect more new stuff in the new year. However, if you have a 3d printer or access to...
  7. Yodd

    MiSTer FPGA console setup with 128MB ram

    I have up for sale a used MiSTer FPGA console. Includes DE10 Nano board, the 128MB sdram addon (Play Neo Geo games!), ASUS WiFi adapter and a simple USB hub. The IO board has a quiet Noctua fan on it. I'll also include a USB iBuffalo SNES controller and a pre-setup 128GB MicroSD card. PSU...
  8. Yodd

    FS: Analogue SuperNT console + 8bitdo wireless SNES pad

    SOLD! Hola folks! I have up for sale a couple month old SuperNT. Includes all original accessories and box. Also including a 8bitdo gamepad and retro receiver. $190 shipped. Quick pic:
  9. Yodd

    Terraonion Black Friday sale and Twitter Raffle

    Full details on the sale: Link to the Tweet for the Raffle: In a nutshell: MegaSD, SSDS3 and NeoSD Pro AES all 16% off starting Friday through...
  10. Yodd

    FS: NES Classic and SNES Classic

    Edit: Both are sold! Hola folks, I have a couple items for sale. First up: Boxed and complete SNES Classic with original controllers and 8bitdo SN30 2.4GHz wireless pad. $75 shipped for this combo. Next up is a boxed and complete NES Classic. $50 shipped Both are sold as stock...
  11. Yodd

    FS: PS4 Pro with Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    SOLD! Hola peeps I have a like new condition PS4 Pro for sale. Picked it up like 2 months ago and I just haven't got much usage from it. Comes in original retail box with controller, cables and all paperwork. Includes a retail copy of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (fantastic game BTW)...
  12. Yodd

    WTB: Atari Jaguar

    Looking to pick up an Atari Jaguar again. With controller, original AC adapter and maybe a game or two. Nice condition, not beat to hell. I haz Paypal.
  13. Yodd

    Terraonion announces the MegaSD FPGA Sega CD/Mega-CD for your Megadrive and Genesis

    Announced during the TO Direct Purchase from our store:
  14. Yodd

    Terraonion Direct! Monday June 17th 1pm EST / 5pm GMT

    The time has finally arrived! The Direct is scheduled for this coming Monday at 1pm Eastern Standard time or 5pm Greenwich Mean Time. We will be airing it live on Youtube using the Premiere function. So if you haven't already subbed to our channel, now would be a good time to do that...
  15. Yodd

    Website and store outage June 9th

    FYI: This weekend on Sunday (June 9th) there will be an outage of our website. This will occur at approx. 8AM EST/12pm GMT. We are rolling out a new site and web store with a new payment processor (better for everyone). The forum itself won't change, but the main website and store will. This...
  16. Yodd

    AES 3-5 with reversed headphone audio

    Just tonight discovered my 3-5 AES has reversed headphone audio. I have seen mention to other revisions with this issue, but supposedly 3-5 models have correct headphone output. However I just again checked and mine is most certainly reversed. What is the fix for this?
  17. Yodd

    Terraonion Direct coming very early March!

    Coming very early March (most likely sometime in the first week), we are going to air our first Terraonion Direct video. In the video Alex will discuss our existing product lineup, talk about some updates and then reveal our new products that we will be offering for sale. With some massive new...
  18. Yodd

    New 1.07 NEOSD Firmware beta testers wanted!

    If any of you NEOSD owners want to help out, we are looking for beta testers for a new upcoming 1.07 firmware See here for more details:
  19. Yodd

    Preorders for the NeoSD Pro AES cart are now open! We have opened this first batch up to non European countries. In the next batch they will be open to all countries worldwide. This time around we are launching the AES cart first and will follow up with the MVS later on. The Pro...
  20. Yodd

    Terraonion Discord chat server

    We now have a Terraonion discord server for chit chatting on.