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  1. snes_collector

    Any reason to own an original Xbox in 2023?

    Is there any reason to own an original Xbox now? It seems like mostly everything has been remastered, ported, or is backwards compatible with the 360. I know people used to use them for emulation boxes but there seems to be better ways now. I just don't think I'll ever use mine again for any...
  2. snes_collector

    Collect, sell, regret, start over "the cycle"

    I wish I could let things go easier without the fear of regret. I collected for years and have so many games I will honestly never play. I think I'm afraid I *might* want to play them, when I reality I know I won't. Sometimes I wish someone would just come along and completely buy me out.
  3. snes_collector

    Paprium "gameplay" video

    I'm glad people that want to try it can without paying an insane amount of money for a copy. It is a fun game all in all and well worth checking out
  4. snes_collector

    3DS and Wii U eShops close at end of March

    I would not be surprised to see these and other big exclusive Wii U, Wii and 3DS games make the jump to the Switch. I'm not going down the FOMO road on this one
  5. snes_collector

    Reminiscing about console ports of Street Fighter 2...

    As someone who probably does enjoying reading magazines even more than playing games I agree. I imported a bunch of Super Play Magazines and they are really good (even better than EGM's and the like of the day here.) The coverage for Street Fighter II in all of the magazines was insane and...
  6. snes_collector

    Gameboy or GBC "hidden gems"?

    I've posted this one before but worth another mention in this thread- Money Idol Exchanger has a Game Boy port that is really good
  7. snes_collector

    I'm thinking of getting back into gaming.

    If you don't own anything, I would recommend the MiSTer route. Not only can you play Saturn/PSX games you can also play everything that came before it including arcade games. You can set it up for whatever video output you want and use any controller. If you have a Saturn and Playstation already...
  8. snes_collector

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Purple Haze + Zero
  9. snes_collector

    A Mother's perspective on her collectard son

    Never mind death, I plan to move within the next year and the thought of moving everything seems like such a pain. My problem is I like too many different things and have too many different hobbies. With video games, my problem is *might* "Will I ever play this 70 hour anime Playstation 2 RPG...
  10. snes_collector

    Analogue to do final run for super nt and mega sg

    I've read on other forms that people believe the chip shortage and it's long term effects could be the cause. If so, I wonder if they made a larger than normal order to have plenty of stock for the final run (or just necessity to get any chips made at all.) Everything is still in stock, and that...
  11. snes_collector

    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    Yes I agree it seems like the lack of painted figures and the price is putting many people off. I am shocked it is not doing better- many of the mini's throwback to the old series and the stretch goal figures (modern versions of classic figures) look amazing. Someone on the Heroscapers forums...
  12. snes_collector

    Anyone still playing Warhammer 40K these days? (tabletop game)

    Anyone ever play any Heroscape? Hasbro pulse has launched a campaign to fund a re-boot with the original game designer I am a fan of the original and hope this one fully funds. Though I hate the figures are not...
  13. snes_collector

    Nintendo Switch

    It is really fun, I somehow manged to finish 3rd in a round on the first night. I think I like it better than Tetris 99
  14. snes_collector

    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    I wonder if you will still be able to download patches and updates after the stores close? That is one thing I did not see any mention of. I wish they would have a big fire sale, but I doubt that will happen
  15. snes_collector

    PS3/PSP/Vita stores shutting down

    While this hasn't been officially announced, I'm going to start going through all my PS3/Vita games and make sure I have the latest patches and all the DLC I want just in case this is true. It is a task I need to do anyway. What are everyones favorite digital only PS3 games that are not...
  16. snes_collector

    Are we gonna talk about the GameStop stock situation

    As an outsider, this has been pretty interesting to see unfold. Curious to see where this ends and what happens next. Anyone got skin in the game?
  17. snes_collector

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Anyone grow up a fan of Micro Machines? I’ve collected them for years but have started picking up more stuff lately. Probably my favorite toys ever, the detail is really nice on them. Here is a quick picture of some of mine: They store really well in tackle boys and do not take up room
  18. snes_collector

    Paprium for real 2020, got my conformation email for delivery!?

    Surprise, surprise I got my copy today. Looking forward to trying it out, I'll post some initial thoughts after playing
  19. snes_collector

    WTB PS2 Network Adapter

    Looking for a PS2 network adapter if anyone has one. Thanks