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  1. ahcmetal Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Price drooooop...he had it priced at $249 for awhile
  2. ahcmetal

    WTT: 220V Stepdown trans...

    0 to gay in 3 replies, this thread has potential 👌
  3. ahcmetal

    WTT: 220V Stepdown trans...

    I've got a STXP-J1500 220v to 100v transformer that's just taking up space over here... Will I sell it, I guess... Will I trade it for empty MVS kit boxes I don't have, DEFINITELY. If any aussies are interested shoot me a message and I'll get a shipping quote...$125 shipped perhaps...
  4. ahcmetal

    SOLD: Sega STV pcb enclosure $50 shipped

    ***SOLD*** ***1/12/21 Price drop, $50 shipped*** I've got an original Sega STV pcb enclosure with a $50 powder coat paint job. The pcb isn't included, just in the photos for reference. The carts are accessed through the slide off cover. $65 shipped in the USA if anybody is interested!
  5. ahcmetal

    MS-2930 chassis' on ebay...

    There's some harder to find MS2930,2932,2934 chassis' on Ebay right now. Picked up one working 2930, there's another one left and a few non working ones, I do believe somebody made a batch of replacement flybacks for the 2930 while back, reviews seemed mixed but...better than nothing perhaps. A...
  6. ahcmetal

    Expanding foam...

    Definitely don't spray expanding foam on to the pcb. This Konami board was sagging badly when I originally bought it. Pick up a sheet of plexi glass or wood and mount the pcb to the board with some nuts/bolts and plastic spacers. Slowly tightening the board down will pull the board back into...
  7. ahcmetal

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Picked up a Killer Instinct board and a few extras. If anybody is thinking about adding a heat sink fan, Xian can make up a really nice adapter so you don't have to solder directly to the board.
  8. ahcmetal

    SOLD OUT! - New Net City extended remote board

    Just swapped mine out today, they work great, much cleaner solution than doing the old mod!
  9. ahcmetal

    WTB: GD-Rom bracket & power split cable...

    Hey guys, I'm looking to hook up a Naomi 2 setup, does anybody have a spare horizontal mounting bracket for a Gd-Rom and the power split cable they'd like to sell??
  10. ahcmetal

    NNC control panel, buttons & bubble tops

    Here's 14 Sanwa snap-in buttons and 2 joystick bubble tops. They came off a Yaton panel...they appear to be unused... $25 shipped in USA, paypal gift if you could... Original Sega NNC control panel. $115 shipped in USA... If the prices are off let me know!
  11. ahcmetal

    Uline Taito F3 boxes...

    Mjmjr25 did a group buy for some Uline boxes a few years back, these are the same ones for Taito F3 carts. I've got 22 boxes left, I'm thinking 3 lots of 7, 7 and 8 boxes. They measure at 13" x 10" x 2". $19.25 + shipping for 7 boxes, and $22 for 8 boxes... Here's some pics of how they...
  12. ahcmetal

    *SOLD* FS: Dragon's Crown Pro $35 shipped

    *SOLD* Finished up Dragon's Crown Pro a few days back, sooooo...if anybody would like to trade/trade+cash for the new God of War shoot me a message! ** Or $35 shipped PayPal gift in the USA for Dragon's Crown **
  13. ahcmetal

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Today...I got some freshly painted New Net City parts...
  14. ahcmetal

    *SOLD* Wild Guns Reloaded Switch, $30 shipped

    I picked this up last week, played through the single player mode once, but sadly the co-op wasn't much fun for the we're passing this on to the next guy in preparation for dragons crown pro next week! Basically brand new and $30 shipped in the USA...
  15. ahcmetal

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I've been rounding out my spare parts stock the last few months and got this in the mail yesterday...Toshiba PF D29C051 chassis for a New Net City, I had been looking with zero luck for quite some time for this...
  16. ahcmetal

    WTT: New Generation CD for JoJo:BA CD...

    As the title states...I've got a spare New Generation boot disc laying about, but sadly not a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure disc...anybody interested in a trade??
  17. ahcmetal

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Yanton has been on fire lately with the spare parts...I picked up a spare MS9 chassis...he's got some Astro PSU's that are tempting as well if anybody is looking for one...
  18. ahcmetal

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I, took a note from Lachlan's playbook and also picked up a Blast City chassis from Yanton. I went with the manual sync MS-2930. Pretty excited, I've been looking for a spare with no luck for...quite awhile... No black goop either...
  19. ahcmetal

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    There's been a lot of overtime pay so far this I converted some of it into this SSV:S kit! I've seen a few of these popping up on ebay as of late...
  20. ahcmetal

    Naomi PSU recap map

    So...I removed this resistor from the board, looked up the color code and as best I could guess from the faded colors...its a 69ohm one. I put the meter on it and the meter read 68ohm, so I'm leaning toward ordering that value... I do believe it's a "Metal Film" type resistor, so upon entering...