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  1. doaal

    New Fatal Fury and KOF XIII Global Match From SNK Official

    I assume it'll play like MOTW but bring back characters from the other FF games. The original plans for Garou 2 included Joe's disciple, but now Joe is confirmed for the sequel. So SNK wants to bank on everyone they've kept relevant through KOF, at the minimum. I was holding out for a XIII...
  2. doaal

    New Attempt at a Samurai Shodown RPG English Translation

    It's a good fit for an RPG as far as SNK properties go. But having a good story for a fighting game is not the highest bar.
  3. doaal

    New Attempt at a Samurai Shodown RPG English Translation

    It's a 90s JRPG, from a company that never made RPGs, based on a franchise not exactly known for its writing. I'm gonna assume it's not very fun.
  4. doaal

    RE4 Remake soon

    If you're remaking a game whose entire combat system is bound by the idea that you can't move while aiming, and the first thing you do is let the player move while aiming, what are you remaking? RE2 remake was so different that it justified its existence. It doesn't replace the original, it...
  5. doaal

    RE4 Remake soon

    That HD texture pack that was in the works for like a decade, where the guy found the real places in Spain where texture work was taken and redid it, THAT is the real remake.
  6. doaal Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    Time to save your paper receipts, boys. In twenty years when the new generation is retro collecting PS5 titles, that paper will be worth its weight in gold.
  7. doaal

    Fuck Yeah Vita!

    I know it has backwards compatibility, but I play my PSPGo more than my Vita. Such an underwhelming library especially now when the Switch holds most of the same titles with portability. Never found a Vita game that grabbed me and wasn't a port.
  8. doaal

    Hyper 64 updated price list?

    Emulation is improving, so expect these titles to go way up in price as more people can properly check them out. FWIW I got Buriki with a mobo for £150 within the UK last year. It and Wild Ambition can still be had for a decent price if you're patient.
  9. doaal

    Street Fighter VI

    I felt SF4 and 5 played it safe, aesthetically and mechanically. This looks more daring and aggressive. The risks and the hip-hop aesthetic remind me of SF3. It would be nice to have a new Capcom fighter to enjoy. Marvel 3 was over a decade ago and that was the last good one imo.
  10. doaal

    Favourite Neo Geo sports game

    I wish we had gotten fishing and hockey games on the Neo. Imagine Nazca doing Neo Fishing Masters.
  11. doaal

    Yagamikun's Game Room and AES Collection

    I wonder who here might care if they opened a cart and found repair work that SNK did at the factory.
  12. doaal

    Should The Marketplace Be Opened Up for Everyone?

    It was mentioned that opening the forums could bring in new blood, give the forum more life. I think that'd be true if this were a friendly, accepting community. But let's be honest. Most newcomers won't last long. I suspect you'll end up with a lot of people who only post in the marketplace...
  13. doaal

    CRT Fetish Thread

    Put my PVM and most of my games in storage last year, moved to the UK, yadda yadda. CRT prices are ridiculous. I got my PVM free ten years ago. Now people are trying to hock Sanyo VCR combos for >£50. Anything Sony is over £100.
  14. doaal

    20 Years Later....

    I want to know how NGF put out better bootleg snaplocks than other hobbyists. Or PixNLove or nuSNK.
  15. doaal

    Samurai Shodown V Perfect/Final Edition extracted data

    So according to SS Collection interviews, V did well.
  16. doaal

    Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Volume 2

    For novelty's sake, I'd like to see vanilla NGP games patched with full colour support.
  17. doaal

    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    Nice that BitmapBureau keep their stuff in stock, unlike most other homebrew. I can't imagine people scalping their XenoCrisis carts for even MSRP can get any sales when BB has put their stock at 30% off, more than once.
  18. doaal

    KoF '00 MVS Label Different Holo Pattern

    Fear the day when repro labels can emulate the holo pattern.
  19. doaal

    How Many Prints/Versions of Slug 3?

    Why did SNK introduce the warning sticker around 95 and then remove it around 2000? Was it a Playmore thing?
  20. doaal

    Cotton (Neo Geo Pocket Color)

    For real peace of mind just get a torx screwdriver and crack the cart open. AES is the only one that is difficult to be completely sure.