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  1. ggallegos1

    What records are you listening to tonight?

    Couple of new arrivals, Bloodborne is a fantastic soundtrack in its own right and sounds lovely
  2. ggallegos1

    Sell me a 32X (nm I gotz one foolz)

    Free bump, get that tower of power action going on!
  3. ggallegos1

    I Got Married!

    Congratulations brother!
  4. ggallegos1

    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    My first born is a week old and finally out of the NICU box, so its a good day so far.
  5. ggallegos1

    Weekly Roundup

    The lack of IX is appalling
  6. ggallegos1

    RIP Tina God Damned Turner.

    I know Anita Pointer died in December, maybe her?
  7. ggallegos1

    FT: Console stuffs LF: PS4 fight sticks or fight stick enclosures; Brook/Pico FB PCBs

    Interested in that Xbox 360 operation darkness, i hear good things about it. PM send!
  8. ggallegos1

    Nintendo Switch

    Yep. It actually had good pacing and level design, but easy due to being able to take on any temple in any order once you rented the items. Still, a really good quality title
  9. ggallegos1

    Happy birthday max330mega!

    Happy belated birthday!
  10. ggallegos1

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Picked up some bangers these past 2 weeks
  11. ggallegos1

    Do Pre-wired Neo Geo Harnesses exist?

    I was gonna say, if you have a fully populated CHAMMA harness, you can just reroute the different wires to their appropriate locations.
  12. ggallegos1

    Any reason to own an original Xbox in 2023?

    I enjoyed the fatal frame games and JSRF on Xbox, and there are quite a few games that arent compatible with Series X backwards compatibility
  13. ggallegos1

    Terraonion support down, Mode ssd issue

    It sounds dumb, but make sure your file naming convention follows what their instructions say. I had to do that for mine because it wouldn't recognize any folders and voila
  14. ggallegos1

    Weekly Roundup

    PS5 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - beat the Ninth Sister, great game and surprisingly high quality from EA. I'm enjoying this one thus far. GBA Pokemon FireRed - about to challenge Misty after getting an Oddish since i chose Charmander.
  15. ggallegos1

    Happy Birthday pixeljunkie!

    Happy birthday!
  16. ggallegos1

    Weekly Roundup

    SNES Sunset Riders - such a fun little game when Konami was firing on all cylinders. Playing as Sancho and listening to the Konami sound artistry is pure delight GBA Pokemon FireRed - fired this up to see how it goes. Super casual playthrough for me, just beat Brock
  17. ggallegos1

    Weekly Roundup

    The game itself opens up tremendously in seasons when it comes to grinding through rifts and going through the challenges. That's where your legendaries come a plenty and you can create some absolutely broken builds.
  18. ggallegos1

    SOLD : Metal Slug 4 aes jpn

    I remember those kits, had one myself. They're the main reason why I won't pay $140-160 for a bare MS4 cart now a days because they could hardly give them away not too long ago.
  19. ggallegos1

    What records are you listening to tonight?

    I feel like blasting some solid beats today, Del the Funky Homosapien is one of my favorite lyricists