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  1. RAZO

    I Got Married!

  2. RAZO

    What arcade stick do you own?

    I use the 8bitdo. Swapped out the sticks and buttons awhile back. It does a good job for the most part. I like it because it just works and no wires. Anything better I would have to go wired. The mayflash sticks I hear are good but require a controller hook up to the stick or some sort of dongle.
  3. RAZO

    Collect, sell, regret, start over "the cycle"

    I did this as well. I don't play much now in days but the Mister is enough to scratch that itch. No need to take up space with hardware and no need for a crt. Let the collectors pay ridiculous money for shit to sit on the shelf. I held on to my Neo and a handful of games because it's unique and...
  4. RAZO

    Sports Thread

    Great game. It was a must watch for me. Always cool to see a under dog team win. Although Boston had the lead until the end of the 3rd period, I thought the Panthers played better. They were the faster team and had better scoring opportunities.
  5. RAZO

    Collect, sell, regret, start over "the cycle"

    We are all just filling some childhood void. You had your chance at a adult age of owning some cool stuff you probably never got a chance to own as a kid but now it's time to let go. What's in the past is in the past.
  6. RAZO

    NeoSD MVS/AES - General Consensus?

    The NeoSd is solid. It works well. Customer service is hit or miss, not good. I had firmware brick one of my carts. It took a bunch of solid members here on this forum to start a uproar and bring light to my situation. It took almost 2 years but they sent me a replacement. I haven't been...
  7. RAZO

    Best PC Engine controller?

    It looks cool, it feels good, but the dpad is fucked. The stock two button controllers are the best. How many games actually use six buttons? For those six button games which are probably fighting games, just by some adapter and use a stick you have lying around.
  8. RAZO

    Favourite Neo Geo sports game

    Super Sidekicks, Baseball Stars 2, Neo Turf Masters, Street Hoop
  9. RAZO

    Street Fighter VI

  10. RAZO

    Neo Geo Mini/Classic is God awful

    Yea, I bought mine for even cheaper and I returned it. Thought it was junk. If it was a small clone of a big red or real candy I might have kept it as a desk piece but it wasn't for me.
  11. RAZO

    Happy Birthday, RAZO

    Thanks guys. Finally hit the big 4-0.
  12. RAZO

    Happy Birthday, Neodogg

    Happy Birthday brother
  13. RAZO

    Which System To Buy As a N00b?

    A steam deck is for current gamers, fuck that monstrosity shit. She wants the classics, give her a gba. It's decided. PSP is one of my favorites but its not a classic and would need to be hacked if your planning on running emulators.
  14. RAZO

    Which System To Buy As a N00b?

    I don't know much about the game gear. I purchased a bundle a long time ago and it came with it. I messed with a Sonic game and Streets of Rage. The screen was washed out and games inferior to the Genesis so being similar to the Master system makes sense.
  15. RAZO

    Which System To Buy As a N00b?

    I'm not a handheld guy either but I've had a some experience with them growing up. The Original Game Boy and Game Boy color from a nostalgic stand point are king. There are still a bunch of fun games on those handhelds even though they are a bit dated. The GBA is still one of the best if you...
  16. RAZO

    Game consoles- multi AV cables?

    When I owned a bunch of consoles that's what I did. I would just store away the consoles and when I felt like playing something I would just hook it up. I preffer doing that over having a shit ton of different colored consoles sitting on shelves. Less clutter and it doesn't look as ugly.
  17. RAZO

    Game consoles- multi AV cables?

    Just get a Mister. Just one hdmi cable needed.
  18. RAZO

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Yea, I already knew about the axunworks sg. They seem to be the best option at the moment if you're looking for a all in one smaller option. They are built well and have a range of controller options. Even has the connections for the Sigma TB sticks. I don't own any sg's anymore but If I was...
  19. RAZO

    Plug-and-Play Emulation boxes: Reviews / Suggestions

    Yea, Mister or Pi. Pi has much more range. Mister once you do the initial setup, update all script does pretty much the rest for you as long as your connected to the internet. For the console's you will have to drag and drop or ftp the roms into the roms folder. The easiest best emulation...
  20. RAZO

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    You mean its too bright with the Sigma or in general? I owned a few versions of the Raijin and do recall one of them have a rgb brightness knob in the back I think. It's a cool sg and built well, enjoy.