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  1. Yamazaki


    lol bet they're worth a 100x now...
  2. Yamazaki


    I always have to laugh when I see VC watches because I recall seeing their ads on Facebook that were full of typos. like you sell 30k $ watches but cannot proof-read you online ads?!
  3. Yamazaki


    Found the perfect watch for AES big tymers... cheap crap but 52 (!!!!!!) mm
  4. Yamazaki


    this one is more silver-platin colored - the 813 is more pure white if I am not mistaken
  5. Yamazaki


    Got myself a little nice JDM Seiko model in Kyoto last month
  6. Yamazaki

    FS: Home Carts Japanese & English

    lol - I still shed tears when I recall an offer of a friend for Ninja Masters US. I couldn't afford it back then when he wanted 900€ for it...
  7. Yamazaki Official WTF NEO Auction Thread

    what is this lol
  8. Yamazaki

    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    because when our societies start crumbling only a museum with long lost 2D platformers will keep our sanity..
  9. Yamazaki

    Anime Recommendations

    now now - Uro probably never had the same animation budget as something like Perfect Blue most likely did have...
  10. Yamazaki

    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    Honest question: does anyone really care about some lost 2D games that feel and look either like rubbish or any other game out there? I mean in like 30-50 years we'll be all living in a dystopian Fist of the Northstar-like future anyway...
  11. Yamazaki

    What are you drinking at the moment?

    Tears on Reddit
  12. Yamazaki

    Ali-Express abnormal account wtf?

    buying fishing tackle and lures there sometimes. most of the big china brands are basically the same factories that produce for the western big brands.
  13. Yamazaki


    the Submariners are just crazy at this point....
  14. Yamazaki


    Was goggling at a Rolex YachtMaster 40mm with the steel-platina bezel. a really nice watch....but man those prices...
  15. Yamazaki

    What anime are you watching?

    Can't decide whether I watch the all-time classic Boku no Pico or Otoko no ko delivery tonight.
  16. Yamazaki

    Hey guys check my gamer collection

    I did hear that argument quite often in the past. that the US AES backs are more uniform and nicer to look at in a shelf and that Japan AES is more like colors, rainbows and skittles... which I prefer over US any day...
  17. Yamazaki


    I always got the impression that (at least from my experience) Tudor fans were like "We are the underdog! We're so much cooler and independent!" compared to Rolex. I mean you walk around with a Rolex in some parts of the world, people will think your either organized crime or a pimp. ofc it...
  18. Yamazaki

    Happy Halloween 2022

    I like the part where he forbids Halloween but still has a Halloween background for his video
  19. Yamazaki

    Happy Halloween 2022

    God forbids Halloween
  20. Yamazaki

    Neo Geo Nostalgia...a series about how I spent too much money - Sam Sho II - 11/1

    Awesome video! Guy was so pumped he even forgot basic typing skills..