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  1. k'_127

    Tak What are some hidden gems on the MSX?

    Knightmare 2: maze of galious: early metroid-styled game from Konami The Castle / Castle Excellent: puzzle solving / exploration game. Might look too slow, but there is a speed-up button on the keyboard Metal Gear 2: not-so-hidden, but don't miss out on it. I had low expectations, but it...
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    New Fatal Fury and KOF XIII Global Match From SNK Official

    I would say it's meant as part of the FF series, and was trying to follow on SF3's footsteps. I've always thought FF was SNK's answer to whatever SF was doing at the time: SF1 : FF1 SF2 / SSF2: FF2 / FFS Alpha series: Real Bout Series SF3 series: MotW and its cancelled sequel
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    I got it. Thoughts below. Keep in mind the only other VR device I tried is the PSVR1: - Having a single USB-C wire doesn't only eliminate the cluster fuck of a clutter that came with PSVR1, but also the hassle that came with connecting / disconnecting the headset each time you want to play. Now...
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Says Spring 2023 (not sure whether they mean the update or the beta)
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    most recent Samurai Spirits came out in 2019 already.

    I made a video that goes through mechanics that are not covered in the game's tutorial. The examples in the video may not be applicable in the current build, but the core mechanics have not changed. It also doesn't cover the guard break mechanic: PS: it's meant to be watched after going...
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    Happy Birthday - ggallegos1

    Happy belated :)
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    Shining Force CD...need moar

    Swamped with work :(
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    (Traditional) Platformer Recommendations

    Jak and Daxter 1 had potential to be great but (IMO) it suffers from game design flaws (objectives design and variety, pacing, lack of boss fights .... Etc.) and the soundtrack kills the game's mood. Other than that, the overall quality, platforming, controls and environments are excellent...
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    (Traditional) Platformer Recommendations

    Off my head: Tiny Toons NES and SNES games Klonoa games Little Samson (not sure if it counts) Pandemonium 1&2 Will see if I can compile a better list later.
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    Shining Force CD...need moar

    Honorable mentions: Arc the Lad 1&2 (ps1): not as enjoyable / deep, but in the same vein. The official English translation hinders the story. Valkyrie Chronicles (ps3 and all modern platforms): plays differently, but shares the same strategic aspect and the story is nice. Heard good things...
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    Shining Force CD...need moar

    Shining Force 1&2 are great and a must IMO. Haven't played Shining Force 3 (Saturn). Shining Force Gaiden 1&2 (game gear) got remade into Shining Force CD, which you played. Shining Force Gaiden 3 remained game gear-only, but there is an excellent translation patch. There is a Shinig Force 1...
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    Knightmare 2 - Maze of Galious brought up during a Konami TGS event

    So last year, Konami Japan announced a contest for fans and small indie devs, where they could remake one of their classic games, and the winner would have the game funded and released by the company. Now, they have announced the winner to be Nigoro (creator of La Mulana series) and the game...
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    H Belated BD BlackaneseNinja

    Happy Birthday!
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    I read on Twitter they have just announced Ganryu 2 too, but can't find a source. Edit: it was just a logo tease with no announcement:
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    Actual, real Garou: MOTW 2 sprites revealed.

    LizardCube (Wonder Boy 3 Remake / SoR4 developers) made a poll last week on which game people wanted to see them make a sequel mock up art for, and the list included Landstalkers, Ghost & Goblins, MotW and Cadilacs & Dinosaurs. MotW won the poll...
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Looks like that's the beach stage from Fatal Fury 1. Also: Terry Rogers: Barnes: Michael Max:
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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Moar: Leaning towards them being legit now.
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    Microsoft acquires ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks

    (Sorry if the pic is too big. Uploaded from my phone)
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    Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World announced (PS4 / Switch / Steam) This will be a new sequel, not a port of the genesis game. The original staff members will return to work on the game, and it's planned for an early 2021 release. Official site: