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  1. Poonman

    New Fatal Fury and KOF XIII Global Match From SNK Official

    I know it's a grueling process, but could they make at least ONE more team for KOFXIII before I buy it again? They could take all the time they want and honestly as long as they kept adding characters, we would keep buying them.
  2. Poonman

    Polymega system claims to now run neo geo cd games with faster load times

    I wish they made a sleeker version with just the CD ROM that plays only the disc based retro shit.
  3. Poonman

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    I'm just checking in. Looks like SNK still isn't up to much these days. And playing it safe (as usual) with their rosters. What's the point of 15 if you have 14? Better poly shaders? A goofier looking Antonov? The company keeps listening to their most vocal "fans" (dysgenic...
  4. Poonman

    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Fellas, fellas....please... They are both shit designs, but for different reasons. Anyway, anyone been stupid enough to fall for any roster "leaks"....or even hope they are true? I've been hoping this one is true for American sports team, Krizalid, Gai Tendo, hwa jai, LWK, etc.
  5. Poonman

    Syria war: US launches missile strikes following chemical 'attack'

    Oh you meant this one: Trump's owners really are making him look like an ass...He had more power as a Twitter troll than he does now as president.
  6. Poonman

    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    I'm starting to REALLY feel good about this just for all the chibi no bukkake lolimasters getting asshurt over this game. Nearly every single complaint in SRK/Youtube comment sections about Athena looking "too ugly" or Luong taking a spot from Momoko is coming from a fucking weeb with a faggy...
  7. Poonman

    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    You know what, guys? I'm digging this shit....reminds me of 98. Sure the backgrounds are lifeless at the moment....just gotta give the team some time to whip up some comically offensive ethnic stereotypes to put in the mexicans snorting coke in the same way the chinese BG...
  8. Poonman

    Lemmy Kilmister is dead!

    Well check this out: Looks like Lemmy was a fan of Yugoslavian/Chilean prisoner camps and targeted "disappearances" as well. That fucking scumbag. ...... I like you dude, but settle down. He clearly had a fascination with the observable style and aesthetics that tend to go hand in...
  9. Poonman

    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    Hardcore fans? LMAO In the street fighter 5 thread, someone mentioned Capcoms online poll for who else should make the cut and the results are overwhelmingly asking for this: A magical kid with tits. ..... Are Abster and Saner hardcore fans? One of them wants to fuck Cham Cham with...
  10. Poonman


    #justice4ragsmurfs EDIT: the smurf hats are sikh headwear, not terrorist.
  11. Poonman

    Bibliophile (Waseem Daker) Murder Case Update

    I wanna make a movie about this where the kid he stabbed grows up to be a rapist killer they give Bibs a conditional release to "finish the job". It would be really action packed and shit. And a clever Waseem's to be the Problem. Waseem would be played by either...
  12. Poonman

    How real America thinks and not what the elite thinks

    No, but "contributions" are.
  13. Poonman

    Bloodborne March 24th: Now I finally need a PS4

    Actually Neobuyer, I caught another thing that seems to be met with a lot of ignorance and resistance at fextralife. Those dipshits are trying to figure out what the doll is, thinking that its a carving of Gehrmans wife or daughter. If there's 2 things Souls games do, it's 1. repeated...
  14. Poonman

    so.. uh... baltimore.

    Lest we forget, faggy highschool level sports played by multimillionaires is what drives white folks to rioting.
  15. Poonman

    Bloodborne March 24th: Now I finally need a PS4

    BTW: I'm calling this guy "Micolash Cage, Host of the Bees" from now on.
  16. Poonman

    Bloodborne March 24th: Now I finally need a PS4

  17. Poonman

    Bloodborne March 24th: Now I finally need a PS4

    Yeah, the guy is hilariously mental. I'm pretty sure he's Karou. EDIT: Some favs:
  18. Poonman

    Bloodborne March 24th: Now I finally need a PS4

    If you can't create a badass in a souls game, you aren't trying hard enough! I wonder if someone here can make this guy in Bloodborne and take a pic of it for me?