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    NBA Season 22/23

    Damn, Nuggets made a nice run to end the 2nd quarter. Lakers were victimized by those type of runs.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Miami played the way they played early in the series and get the win.
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    I Got Married!

    Congratulations, may your lives be filled with love, happiness, and fun. It's crazy how fast the wedding day comes and goes, after spending all sorts of time trying to plan and make everything perfect. Felicidades, once again!
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    Happy Birthday Lemony Vengeance

    Feliz Cumpleaños
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Probably for real basketball fans, but most casual watchers will likely skip it.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Awful third, this lead was up to 17, which is even worse. Refs didn't do them any favors either. Tristan Thompson is playing well. He should of been in the earlier in the series.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Let's go Lakers!! One game at a time!
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    ZDTF's What's it worth thread.

    I bought a really clean board recently for $250
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Lakers took too many bad shots when they took a good lead and kept letting the Nuggets back in the game. Bastards lost me $50 and a lunch.
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    NBA Season 22/23

    Let's Go Lakers!! They scared me at the end bu giving up a 12 point lead, but pulled out the win in the end. Lakers were awful shooting 3's and were still able to win. Hopefully they can improve that shoot percentage and win game two.
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    Happy birthday max330mega!

    Feliz Cumpleaños!
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    WTB: Evercade carts and a Mister setup.

    I didn't even know Best Buy sold Evercade games. Luckily, most there are still $19.99.
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    WTB: Evercade carts and a Mister setup.

    Hello, Does anyone have any Evercade carts they are looking to sell before I hit up ebay or Amazon? Looking to pick up the discontinued games first, Namco museum 1 and 2, Pico Interactive, Tecnos collection, and Oliver Twins. I'm also looking for the Indie games, Maga Cat, Xenocrisis, etc...
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    NBA Season 22/23

    It looks like the Warriors will get to the next round. Up 20 with 4 to go. It was close at the half. Looney has 21 rebounds. Experience counts Lakers Warriors will be fun
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    Happy Birthday Jag-Master

    Feliz Cumpleaños! Enjoy your day
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    What records are you listening to tonight?

    Damn, I still a new pair in a drawer at my dad's house.
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    IREM Collection Volume 1 (Switch, PS4/5, X1/S)

    I saw Strictly Limited have these on sale, but I prefer not to pay shipping from Europe for my copy. Who will be selling this state side? ININ has an Amazon store in which it is selling the Egret mini, I wonder if they'll carry this? Side note, Strictly limited is selling a box set of the...
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    Happy Birthday, miisalo

    Feliz Cumpleaños
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    FS: MVS 4 Slot board *SOLD*

    I'll take it. Pm incoming!