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  1. GregN

    Weekly Roundup

    I played it but gave up on the final chapter where there was a sniper you couldn't attack and like 6 wolf dogs. I got overwhelmed and quit. Walkthroughs said to power up your CP meter and let loose. I'll still get Trails to Reverie, but won't have a save file. Otherwise... Switch Advance Wars...
  2. GregN

    Official Concert Thread: who have you seen lately?

    I've heard horror stories about stubhub. I try to get the tickets through ticketmaster (I hate them too), through the bands website if offered, or AXS. I've wanted to see Weezer. They would be fun live. I heard they play stuff people think are their songs like Weetus' Teenage Dirtbag. LOL
  3. GregN

    V-pins ... Your thoughts?

    I own the Atgames Legends PInball and a V Pin made by a local guy. I've owned Attack From Mars 1up too. Do they replace the real thing? No, but they scratch the itch, are cheaper, take less space, play hundreds of games, are little to no maintenance. If I want the real thing, I'm 10 minutes...
  4. GregN

    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    Sonic 2 - Took awhile to get going, but was a fun watch. The first was better. The Man Who Saved Pinball - Very interesting biopic about times when pinball was illegal and had to be played at XXX bookstores.
  5. GregN

    Official Concert Thread: who have you seen lately?

    Last concert I saw was New Order/Pet Shop Boys. On deck: May Skinny Puppy Gary Numan/Front Line Assembly at First Ave. June The Cure Matchbox 20
  6. GregN

    Ali-Express abnormal account wtf?

    I heard you can order things from the future from Ali-bobba. It's the chinese Amazon.
  7. GregN

    Origins of covid

    Someone in a chinese lab fucked a monkey
  8. GregN

    Anyone here collect toys/Action Figures?

    Do plushes count? I like the Mario stuff they have at Target.
  9. GregN

    Your concert calendar

    May 1st Skinny Puppy and Lead Into Gold - The Fillmore May 8th Gary Numan and Front Line Assembly - 1st Ave. June 10th Matchbox 20 - Treasure Island Casino Aug. 31st Duran Duran - State Fair Any body have any concerts planned? I wish Depeche Mode came to Mpls.
  10. GregN

    Weekly Roundup

    Yes. It gets hard after the 4th or 5th song.
  11. GregN

    What are you drinking at the moment?

    Dr Pepper Zero Sugar
  12. GregN

    Weekly Roundup

    Switch Kirby’s return the dreamland deluxe Octopath traveler 2 Theatrhythm final bar line Mario Party Superstars V pin ALP Future Pinball
  13. GregN

    Neo Secret Santa 2022!!

    It should have reached my santee on the 5th.
  14. GregN

    Neo Secret Santa 2022!!

    Got my Santa gifts… a cool t shirt, some candy, regional pop, and some fierce coasters! Sorry for the lateness- I was checking my emails, and didn’t see the message, but Gutzdozer pmed me and I’ll have it in the mail early next week.
  15. GregN

    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    I'm excited for Time Crisis, but only if it has point blank on it.
  16. GregN

    Weekly Roundup

    Switch Legend of Heroes Trails from Zero - beat it finally and enjoyed the combat and very serious story. Dragon Quest Treasures - an ARPG featuring Erik from 11. It's growing on me. I normally don't like DQ spin-offs.
  17. GregN

    Neo Secret Santa 2022!!

    I don't think I ever got the email.. Could you re-send it. Times running out!
  18. GregN

    Weekly Roundup

    Switch Hades - Finally made it to the last boss but can't beat him Legend of Heroes Trails from 0 PS5 Arcade Paradise
  19. GregN

    BEST TV Shows to watch... CURRENTLY...

    Watching Quantum Leap (2022). I'm liking it so far. Periperhal is good and based on WIlliam Gibson.