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    Firearm enthusiast thread

    I am in Poland - so firearms rules are different (i.e. still stupid but in different ways 😉). Autosear hole does not light up any red lights in terms of regulations over here.
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    Firearm enthusiast thread

    As part of 'getting ready to give uncle putin a warm welcome should he decide to visit' I picked up today something I wanted for a very long time - original Colt M16A1: Mechanically in very good condition, aesthetically it needs a little bit of work (but not all that much) - delta ring is...
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    FS: NEC PCE Supergrafx | RGB mod | recapped |

    NEC PCE Supergrafx console for sale: - RGB modded - recapped Includes: - controller - RGB Scart cable - PSU (240V) - Krikzz Turbo Everdrive Asking 500 EUR for the lot, PayPal gift or +4%.
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    [FS] 11x MVS cart set | clean ENG labels | EU shipping

    Pictured set of MVS carts for sale: Games: - Nam-1975 - Wind Jammers - Puzzle de Pon / R - Tecmo World Soccer 96 - Neo Turf Masters - Super Sidekicks 2 - Mutation Nation (+ mini marquee) - Shock Troopers - King of Fighters 98 - Metal Slug - Art of Fighting All carts are legit, clean...
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    Firearm enthusiast thread

    I took the plunge and overall pretty happy. I am in Poland and cheaper AR15 options are not that abundant - in terms of rifles we mainly rock AKs / Beryl / Tantal - but the local dealer is pretty awesome in terms of customer service. Mine had a bad hammer spring - got replaced within one hour of...
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    EPROM inserted wrong way | Mega CD 2 bios

    What is your experience as regards to inserting an EPROM the wrong way into the socket - does it always result in instant death for the EPROM? The EPROM is a n AT27C1024 for Mega CD 2 region free bios. After getting rid of the old bios and installing a bios socket I dicked up and put the bios...
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    Overclocking the 68k

    That adjustable oscillator is pretty cool, will use it for MVS and had I known it exists I would have used it for the Mega Drive. As for the Megadrive I used two additional oscillators and a switch with three positions for a selectable stock / 10MHz / 13MHz: It looks like 10Mhz is the sweet...
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    Going to London! Looking for arcade related stuff.

    Went to London for a few days about a month ago and was focused on pretty much the same - finding some retro video game related bargains. As was already mentioned the CEX places are worth a visit - there is pretty much one on every high street. I also by chance stumbled upon this place in...
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    MVS capacitor desoldering

    In all honesty, a decent iron and some soldering braid is all that's needed to replace the caps on MVS. This is all that I used, no pads lifted, no damage to the board and traces: I managed to return that pos WEP soldering station and this time I will shell out a bit more and buy something...
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    Genesis 2: power on = black screen

    Its fixed! Its fixed! HMG's hunch about it being the oscillator was right. I desoldered one from a junk VA 1.8 PAL board and replaced the stock one on the VA 2.3 USA board and the machine fired right up. Below a pic of the VA 2.3 USA board with the oscillator replaced for the 'tin can'...
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    Genesis 2: power on = black screen

    Picked up a Sega Genesis Model 2 with a 'VA 2.3 USA' board. The problem at hand is a black screen on power on both composite and RGB (official Sega RGB cable). Diagnosis so far: - receives power upon power on, voltage regulator functioning ok - caps looking good - traces to cart slot fine...
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    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    Recapping saga continues: - Mega Drive HDG VA4 - SNES Mini For the Mega Drive I also recapped the PSU and the "Adapteur R.V.B." official Sega Scart cable box. Maybe its placebo but the sound on the MD seems much improved - bass hits hard. On the SNES seems like the image is a tad...
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    MVS capacitor desoldering

    I took a first attempt at replacing the caps on my MV-1FZ board today and am having a real hard time desoldering the old caps. For the first try I chose a remote cap near the JAMMA edge with little in the way of components in its proximity - basically its a no go, whatever I try I cannot get...
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    NES to PCE controller adapter? Have not tested the above so can't say whether it works for sure. PCE 2-button controller schematic: Tried to make this circuit minus the turbo functionality for a pad hack to an arcade stick (DB15 / NG standard) but did not...
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    Sega Mega Drive / Genesis OEM PSUs - capacitor failures

    Caps arrived today so replaced the caps in the 3 PSUs: Happy to report that the ripple / interference is now gone. As for the Trio I see little point now that the caps have been replaced. That and its a switching PSU while the OG ones are linear / coil ones. As for the caps - the stock...
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    Sega Mega Drive / Genesis OEM PSUs - capacitor failures

    TL;DR - check the capacitor in your Sega Mega Drive / Genesis OEM PSU - most likely its failed and leaking electrolytic fluid. I was having a bit of a problem with my Mega Drive 2 + Mega CD 2 combo unit - was getting quite a bit of interference / ripple in the picture - looked like AC ripple...
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    PC Engine to DB15 adapter - help needed

    I tried to make one today using the MMmonkey tutorial: Result - it does not work. I double / triple checked my connections both on the DB15 and Mini-DIN cable side and all connections are fine. My impression is that the MMmonkey...
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    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    Thanks, the RGB amp is from Todd, the extra orange wire going to the DIN is to get the auto 4:3 aspect ratio switch / RGB input selection on Scart RGB TV's. Also done the centre post clipping and jailbar removal mod (wasn't really getting jailbars to begin with but might as well) - those SMD...
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    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    PC Engine Supergrafx recapped with Nichicon Muse Fine Gold caps: Pic taken before cleaning up some excess solder balls and solder splash next to Hudson chip so looks a bit better now. Tested the removed caps and generally they were fine - 2 were borderline, rest was within specs so in no way...
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    Sega MD / Genesis Arcade Power Stick - modding ideas /advice

    Recently picked up a MD Arcade Power Stick in the three-button non-microswitched stick flavor. After opening it up and a through cleaning of the contacts on both the stick and buttons and putting some lithium grease on the stick it functions fine for what it is, that said obviously it does not...